Sunday, February 10, 2008

Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Party Photos


deejuana83 said...

Janet looks fabulous!!!!!! Alicia Keys is on fire. What's up with that pic of Rihanna & Janet? Rihanna looks likes she's an alien telling Janet "I come in peace". Nia long looks hawt and so does Ashanti.

AcousticSoul said...

I have a few comments to make on a few of the pictures you published . . . .

Why did Rhianna have to change clothes so many times? Was she the hostess?? uh .. NO

J Jackson is always looking fierce, but dang if I ever know what she originally saw in that troll of a man Jermaine Dupri. But if he makes her happy, mo power!

Paula Abdul looks a mess no matter what.

Fantasia has been wearing them braces for a long time. Dang! You already blogged about that mess of a hair do she's rocking so I'll leave that be.

Did Ashanti forget to take the rollers outta her hair?

Whitney is doing her thing! One question . . . .who put Alicia Keys hair up in that do when she performed??

deonte' k said...

deejuana83: LMAO..... When I saw the Janet and Rihanna pic I said to myself, it looks as if Rihanna walked up on Janet like "what's up girl", and Janet backed up like "hold up b*&ch I don't know u like that ok. Just because you won a grammy and got a hit song don't mean we cool alright! Step it back a notch" LMAO.... im just playing i love them both!!!!! ;)

deonte' k said...

AcousticSoul: OMG your so stupid boy... leave Ashanti alone... it appears to be pincurled or something, but i must admit, @ 1st i thought the same thing lol..... Im not to sure about that twist thingy Alicia had going on, but thats my girl so I will leave that alone, and Paula o how i love that lady, but I didn't like her outfit as well lol or hair for that matter..... and Rihanna did change alot didn't she, but she looked stunning in every outfit I have to say... and that Fantasia hair still got me like Whoa!!! but it looks really neat an a lil' nice in THIS photo lol.... and WHITNEY LOOKsGREAT LOVE HER!!!!!!!!!!

deejuana83 said...

LMAO. (Deonte'k)I know right???? I like them both too. But that pic looked kind of funny.

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