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dTk photography's Model of The Year Cycle 2: The Freshmen vs. The Sophomores: 1st Elimination

This pass Friday dTk photography kicked off the  DTk Photography's Model of The Year, Cycle 2: The Freshmen Vs. The Sophomores, competition with it's 1st elimination. It started off with me posting the results hour photo <-------- on the fan page updating the photos from best photo, to the eliminated contestant photo. It was a very hard elimination, because all the guys did pretty good. The judges were all over the place with voting, but the end results were tallied up, and we lost (Freshman) Derrick to the competition. 

Below are the rankings of the photos placed by the judges votes:

THE CHALLENGE: I decided to make you guys 1st shoot based on a school theme. Attached are some examples of looks that can inspire you (these photos are not attached to this post... it was included in the email sent out to the guys). You can make this fun! I know it seems so simple, but you can create a great shoot with this type of look. Think outside the box. Think of accessories. Things that can make your shoot stand out! 

Challenge 1: 1st Place & BEST PHOTO: DeVonte

DeVonte, your photo was picked best photo because you took this challenge and nailed it! You created a theme within a theme and you delivered!!! We love the scene you created for your look. Thechallenge was to create a school themed look, and you took it to another level. If my sex education teacher looked like this, I would have been on time for class everyday! Great photo!! XOXOXOXO

Challenge 1: 2nd PLACE PHOTO: Jason 

Jason, the judges loved this photo. For a freshman in this competition you really showed up and nailed it. This is a great shot, and I loved the facial expression. Connection with the camera is perfect. We love to see what else you have to offer. Great job!!! ;)... you rocked it!!!!! 

Challenge 1: 3rd PLACE PHOTO: Sean

Sean, this photo adds a modern day twist to the challenge. Trendy and modern, but at the same time very stylish. Your photo could have ranked higher, but some of the judged felt your look was not believable. But what they don't know is, you have a off the wall wardrobe, and really dress in many crazy ways. So for me, you toned it down perfectly for this challenge, but still didn't lose the Sean people know. You gave us a great photo, and I loved it! :)

Challenge 1: 4th PLACE PHOTO: Taurean 

Taurean, the judges loved your styling. They felt you nailed the challenge as well. They thought the photo was very nice! I thought it was one of the best photos of the bunch. I like how you didn't try to be extra serious. Looked like you were having fun... Great job!! ;)

Challenge 1: 5th PLACE PHOTO: Alfonce

Alfonce, the judges LOVED your styling!!! You get 10's across the board for this. Very intriguing, and loved your connection with the camera. Overall nice photo!!!! Some even said you look like a Professor in this shott!!! LOL.... the only issue the judges had with you was, when most of the guys asked how many outfits could they bring on set, and each of you guys where told one. You chose to bring two. So you had two great looks, but only one could be judged. It's important to always follow the rules Professor Reese. Because this time you got a A, but next time it could get you expelled!!! ;) Great Job!!!

Challenge 1: 6th PLACE PHOTO: TJ

TJ, The judges liked your look. Felt it was very stylish, and you pulled this off. Some expected more from you, but over all good job. They felt maybe this photo was LUCK!!! I personally felt you looked great. It gives me a historic type of look with a twist of today's fashion. I do want to see more from you in the competition. The only thing I would say is, don't question yourself so much. You got a great look. You can model. All you have to do is show up, and do just that, MODEL!!! ;)

Challenge 1: 7th PLACE PHOTO: James

James, the judges felt your photo was very basic. Something more on the lines of a family portrait type of photo. They liked your connection with the camera, but felt your choice of wardrobe was just OK. You have something. I just can't put my finger on it just yet. I would love to see more from you in the next challenge. Your smile (most of the judges feel) saved you this go round. ;)
Challenge 1: 8th PLACE PHOTO: Clifton

Clifton, the judges was not excited about this photo. But felt you did enough to stay in the competition. Wanted more from you in the wardrobe department... Me personally, I felt you did great with your posing from the look of your frames. I was very surprised!!! We would like to see you step it up a few notches in the next challenge!!! :)

Challenge 1: 9th PLACE PHOTO: Omar

Omar, you photo is pretty good. The judges was all over the place when it came to voting on your photo. I personally hand picked you to be in this competition, based on some of the photos you had in your portfolio with other photographers. But when you came on set I didn't get that same model. I need to see more of him in the near future!!! The judges did save you!!!! Just want you to remember that... and remember our talk we had this evening!! ;) Congrats on making it to the next round!!!

Challenge 1: 10th PLACE PHOTO: Derrick

Derrick, the judges loved your effort! Felt your choice of clothing was cool. They weren't exactly sure if your photo or look went with the challenge. But for me, I liked what you was giving us. Looked as though you were going for the gold in this competition. Love the fact your are different. I wanted to see you go further in this competition I truly did. This decision wasn't easy! After our conversation tonight I hope you will take this experience and apply it to your next DTk Photography shoot or any other shoot you do in the future. I'm proud of you, and will be seeing you again on set really soon!!! ;)

DTk Photography's current model of Year Kevin, also participated in the photo challenge assigned to the Top 10 guys in the competition, and this was his best shot!

(Kevin & I will be doing each challenge that the guys do!!! So this should be fun) :) 

There are 9 guys left!!!!! But only one can be dTk photography's 2012 model of the year!!!!! 

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