Thursday, April 12, 2012

dTk Model of The Year 2012 Update: The Judges......

Brian Robinson - Executive Editor of Openfly Magazine 

 Brian will be featuring many up and coming talent in his new Magazine based in Baltimore City. I thought it was important to have him on board, since the winner will be featured in a interview with him. He has a great eye for talent. Check out Openfly Magazine. I've also shot Brian for dTk photography.

 DemondMaurice: Model/Writer/Social Networking Star of The Morning Wood Show 

 Demond is the 1st model I shot when I did my dTk photography Debut. He has helped me grow as a photographer,and we've become a great duo when it comes to photographer/model. I know that Demond can deliver in & at any shoot I book him for. He's the "Muse" as he calls himself. LOL.... I trust his opinions when it come to my photo shoots with others as well.

 Calvin Lineberger - Photographer/Graphic Designer/Fashion Image Consultant 

 Calvin is a great friend, but he also was the 1st person to shoot a professional photo of me. When I saw my photos, some I didn't like, but it wasn't because of his photography. I realized if I wanted to take this modeling thing seriously I had alot of work to do, and I also had to get in shape. His photo shoot with me inspired me to keep up with my looks. Getting in from of a lens will pull out everything lol... I wish I had one of those old photos to show you guys the difference between a photo he shot of me back in 2006 compared to the ones I shoot now!!! LOL I also shot Calvin as well.

 Aaron Brown - DTk Photography's E-mail Receptionist & Assistant/Photographer

 Aaron has shoot with me plenty of times, and was also a contestant in last years dTK Model of the year competition. Since his elimination he has worked very closely with me to take dTk to the next level. He's learned alot and has helped me put together Cycle 2. It's only fair to have him on my judging panel and team. He's also in the works of creating his own photography company called AROtography with photos to debut soon.

AND Then Finally Me!!!! 

The creator and owner of DTK Photography who sometimes Model LOL......... I really don't need to say much other than, I'm the head judge. I ready to see what these guys got, and ready to crown a new winner!!! Let the games begin!!!

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