Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Meet Your Top 10 dTk Photography Model of The Year Contestants:

DTk Photography Model of The Year, Cycle 2: The Freshmen Vs. The Sophomores!!!!!!

Omar, Clifton, James, Jason, & Derrick

Taurean, DeVonte, TJ, Sean, and Alfonce

One of these guys will be dTk photography's Model of the year!!!
Who will it be????

This go around I wanted to give 5 guys who haven't shot with me before a chance to compete with 5 guys I have shot before. That's the reason we decided to name this Cycle the Freshmen Vs. The Sophomores. This is a fun competition, that allow these guys to express themselves through challenges. The great part about it all is they all get free shoots while having fun, meeting new people, and creating new experiences. smile
I still stand by my words:
"my photography is not just for models, or up & coming models, it's for any & everyone. I've been told "he's/she's not a real model" but I feel anyone can take a nice photo with the right person behind the lens. But I also feel like this, anyone can just sit in front of a camera, and have their photo taken, but it takes commitment behind the effort, and that's what creates a great shot!!!!"  -Deonte`-

 stay tuned for more info, and announcements coming soon!! 

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