Thursday, March 29, 2012

Info About Kevin's (dTk photography's Model of The Year) Magazine Cover...

Last year when I 1st decided to come up with ideas for my dTk photography competition, it was for the fun of it (which they still are). But through out this process I've learned alot about people. The one thing that bothers me to no end is when people try to get involved in my stuff, and make promises to my models that don't come through. When people work with me, I like to make them feel safe & I feel the need to protect them from things like this. And it becomes very discouraging to see them upset, when things that were promoted, and promised to them not fall through. It's embarrassing and so not cool. Yes I understand things happen, and people make changes, but there is always a professional way to go about things. This is no love lost to anyone, but I must speak my mind and the truth (just wouldn't be me if I don't). Before my last dTk photography Model of The Year Winner (2011) Kevin won his title, the winner was promised a cover of a online magazine. I was kind of apprehensive of this, until they started Tweeting, and Facebooking all my events, and things of that nature. Putting out all this hype, and so on about my competition. I am truly thankful for it, don't get me wrong, but this pass week, me and Kevin was told he had a deadline to produce a cover shot, and a few photos, and we worked around our crazy busy schedules (after we've been told month after month about different due dates). This particular time we JUST knew it was going to go down, until yesterday when I was informed (at the last minute) it wasn't going to happen due to issues with the magazine. Now this blog entry is in no way form or shape to disrespect the magazine, only because the person who runs it (I found this out way after the competition ended) is actually a cool buddy of mines who I have nothing but love for as person. But I feel the need to explain this because when I had to break the news to my Model (who's been promoting this along with the magazine) he was extremely disappointed. And I feel extremely bad about it! I've decided that for now on I will just do what I've been doing with, and for my models. The next go around I will definitely make sure things go down the way they are supposed to, and go about things a little differently. I'm sorry my Model got their feelings pinched a bit today, but I promise to make it up to him. Plus the other prizes he gained for his win has been extremely COOL, and we've been having fun with shoot after shoot putting his portfolio together. Also this has inspired me to maybe one day create my own magazine featuring Models & things that are important to me. I would like to put out to the world that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, and color, and I want to be the man to capture it! I feel some people spend so much time on celebrities, and forget that there are still regular average beautiful people out here who deserves recognition for the positive things they do on a day to day basic. The one thing I was say is this, The dTk photography nation is still building..... get ready because here we come!!!!!!  wink  Much success to the magazine, and I hope things workout for them in the near future. 

I will still be releasing Kevin's photos still!!!!  smile

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