Saturday, February 25, 2012

Terrence Ford: A Message About HIV Awareness

This photo was taken during my 1st dTk photography Model of The Year Competition! Terrence was challenge winner on one of the last challenges through out the competition & he wanted to use his challenge winning photo to shoot this with me! Love it!!!

"This shoot allowed me to cross two of my loves: My growing passion for modeling, and my already existing and burning hot desire to fight the HIV/AIDS epidemic head on by helping one survivor at a time. Knowledge is DEFINITELY power and knowing your status should be just as important as knowing your social security number, p;hone number, or even your name. If you are negative you should take steps to protect yourself. If you are positive you should take steps to protect others by starting treatment and ensuring you can still live an equally long, healthy, and prosperous life. HIV is no longer a death sentence, but the decision has to be yours. Get tested twice a year." - Terrence Ford"

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