Thursday, December 1, 2011

Update: dTk photography's 2011 Model Of The Year Competition: The 3rd Challenge/Photo Shoot/Elimination


 "Dark & Sexy" Would like all models to wear dark colored outfits....Blacks, greys and anything in between. You can wear something stripped but only if it's black and white and only of there's something dark worn over it, like a blazer or something. That same rule applies if you wear a white shirt. I want the look to be sexy, edgy.....somewhat formal but certainly not stale. I do want your personality to shine thru though. Take a step out of your comfort zone but be able to perform. I will be shooting full body to please be sure the look is head to toe(socks are important too). Bring any accessories you might have that will work with the outfit...necklaces, hats, shades, rings, scarves, etc. I will try to have someone else on hand with accessories to help style you guys. Each model will have 50-60 frames! Last week the top 3 guys had a photo shoot with photographer/judge Emile Benjamin. I reason I had the guys shoot with Emile: For one, he's a great photographer, but he's also a very stern photographer. Not so much in a harsh way, but he will not bite his tongue about how he feels about your outfits on his shoots, and he will definitely let you know, if your giving him what he needs during your session with him. I should know, I've shot with him. I felt if the guys could get through a shoot with him, they definitely have the skin to make it to the next round in this competition. I went from taking hot photo after photo, then to get in front of him and deliver a mediocre shoot really destroyed my confidence for a quick min, but then, I decided that I was going to get better at my craft, and got back out there continue to model. So with that being said, I wanted to see which 2 out of these guys deserved to be in the finale? I have alot riding on the winner, and alot I'm going to put into whoever wins. So I trusted my judges to help pick the best two guys. 

1st Place - Terrence 

Last week all the judges had already cancelled Terrence out from being in the final two. They felt he had reached his limit with his last photo shoot in this competition, and felt he would not step up to the plate with this challenge. But with this photo Terrence turn this entire competition around! This is a side of him I've never seen before. He took his critiques, and applied them to this challenge. He shocked us all. Terrence really wants this and he showed up to win. The judges have truly had a change of heart after seeing this photo. There could be a chance he could win. He went from the bottom straight to the Top. 

2nd Place - Kevin

Kevin has been winning challenge after challenge. The judges like his poses, but felt this week he slipped really hard in the wardrobe department. Kevin has proven to the judges that he can definitely model, so having a wardrobe issue wasn't enough to have him eliminated. The judges truly expected more from him from this shoot, but they also feel, that Kevin is the best poser in this competition. Let's see who will bring it between him and Terrence. 

3rd - Aaron Eliminated 

Aaron is the only guy that actually got what the wardrobe requirements were. The judges feel that Aaron had one of the best personal styles of the Top 5 guys in this competition. But what hurt Aaron in this competition was throughout the challenges, there was no growth. He always seemed to be lingering in the middle all the time. So when it came down to choosing the Top 2, the guy with the best photo, and the guy who delivered consistently throughout competition was voted into the top 2. I could have easily seen Aaron in my top 2, but this is a competition, and you have to have diversity. Having a great style is one thing, but delivering something different throughout each photo shoot is totally important.  

Only 2 Models left..................... Who's dTk photography's 2011 Model of the Year????? There can only be one!!!!!!!!!!!!

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