Sunday, November 20, 2011

Update: dTk photography's 2011 Model Of The Year Competition: The 2nd Challenge/Photo Shoot/Elimination

Last Sunday I met up with my #TeamTop4 guys for my 2011 dTk photography Model of the Year Competition for a photo shoot. I wanted the guys to Dress Up in their best Fall/Winter gear, followed by picking a location they think would allow them to display their look as if it came across as a fashion AD in a magazine. I did this because I personally feel you can shoot anywhere, and create a hot photo out of it. When I used to do my blog banners, I would pick a location, and make sure whatever look I'm going for I could deliver it. I want my winner to take risk, and not be afraid to be different. I want to see attitude, style, and dedication.

 Examples some of my locations I've picked & shot at below:

I want the models to remember, the winner will be shooting with me in a photo after they win, and my dTk photography 2011 Model of the year has to be able to hold it down with me in a photo..... so let's break down the judges critiques....

 1st Place - Kevin (challenge winner..... he will win a $100 gift certificate to Express)

The judges feel he's modeling from head to toe, AGAIN!!!! (Kevin has won best photo of the bunch for the second time in this competition). They loved his location, and look. He nailed this, and the light is hitting his face perfectly. Very strong photo. Some of the judges already gave him the title "dTk photography's 2011 Model of The Year" crown!!!!!

I agree with the judges. Of all the models, as the photographer, I enjoy shooting Kevin the most. With him I wasn't focus on the fact he only had 50 frames. I got so excited during the shoot, that I almost went past that amount of frames. I like when a model makes me chase them to capture a great great shot. Excellent shot, and my favorite of the bunch. I want Kevin to believe he can win this. I don't think he really know how good he is. 

2nd Place - Aaron

The judges loved Aaron's look. They like the intimacy of his photo. He has great style, and has great sense of what's in for fashion today. Love the intensity of the eyes, and pull of the sweater. Great image. The judges had only one question, why didn't Aaron have a full length photo?

I agree with the judges here as well. I love Aaron's style. Of all the models, I think his personal style is one of the most unique styles of the bunch. To answer the judges question, I feel Aaron needs to work on positioning his body better to get full body shots. I think he has a beautiful face (and I always tell him that), but I'm not looking for a face Model. I'm looking for a model who can model from head to toe! There is alot more to Aaron than closeups. I see it all the time in his regular photos, so I would like to see more of that on set. Although I loved Aaron's photo, I felt his was my least favorite of the bunch, only because I actually saw what he had on that day, and for his BEST photo to only be a piece of what I saw made me vote that way. But I didn't vote him to be Eliminated, because I know he has the potential to be in the FINALE of this thing!!! I actually believe he will be.....

3rd Place - Terrence

The judges think his photo is nice. But feels he's lacking in personality in this shot. They feel his past photo was wonderful, and was hoping to be blown away! But this time they were not. The judges also feel they won't get anymore from Terrence other than what we've seen. They feel luck got him this shot. Some liked his look, other felt it just OK.

I love Terrence. I like that he takes each challenge very serious, but sometimes I feel he takes it, too seriously that he forgets the modeling aspect of the challenges. He wants this soooo bad. I can tell. I feel if he just let go, and let whats in his mind flow freely on set, he could deliver a great shot. He also had the least amount of frames to choose from. Terrence was almost voted out the competition, but what saved him was him having more potential than the eliminated model. I voted Terrence's 1st photo best photo in the guys 1st challenge. This time I voted his photo 2nd place, although I felt this way about his photo. Only because I know he got something!!!!

4th Place - Baraka (Eliminated) 

The judges love this location!!!! But they felt Baraka did not maximize the potential of this outfit or this location. They felt his expression was not interesting, and he did not connect with the camera. Although his photo is not bad, the judges felt they needed more than just a great scenery. Some asked where is the model? 

This one was very tough for me. Only because Baraka is almost like a little brother to me, and he always ask me for advice. On set we had some very emotional moments, because I felt I had to beat this modeling thing out him. He's the only guy out of the 4, who really consider himself as a model, and who wants to be one. He's the only one with a model Mayhem page, and feel he didn't give me his all. See the great thing about shooting these guys, and having them sign up for this competition was, they have already shot with me before. Look at this photo of Baraka  click here to see photo. He gives a very strong pose here. What happen to that model? I had to stop during or shoot, and I had to tell Baraka this. "I feel no energy from you." "No passion." "I don't feel your taking this serious." I felt he was thinking about this way too hard. When your doing something you love to do, don't worry about your competition, and what the judges will think or have said. If your a model, get out there and Model. At least if you don't win, you still tried, and gave it your all. I feel my little man lost that somewhere though out this competition. He focused more on what people said, vs focusing on perfecting his craft. Was I proud of him after this shoot, for the most part yes. Because I love this shot, but it took alot of energy from me as the photographer to get. Even when I got it, as in his last photo, no life in the face.When my Baraka with "I'm the sh*t" attitude returns, I want to shoot him, and I want him to show me he is that undiscovered model!!!! 

Only 3 Models left.....................

Who's dTk photography's 2011 Model of the Year????? There can only be one!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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