Monday, October 10, 2011

The Nominees Are In: Meet Your Top 8 dTk Photography Models

Two weeks ago, when 1st decided to put this competition together, I never expected the outcome that came with this. I'm truly touched by the people who support my work, and what it stands for. People always say to me, the people you shoot aren't real models, and I always say, yes they are, they are dTk photography models. My photography has, and will always be for everyone! My photography is to help build people, and their confidence. It gives people a chance to experience a part of their lives they once believed that could not do based on what others has said. It is also used to help others build their portfolios & whatever else they choose dTk photography services for. I used to be the one so afraid to modeling, and getting in front of a camera (because of what I thought I looked like & how I felt about myself), and so forth. Now I have photos of me all across the Internet. I've found that I loved what I did for myself when it came to being a model, and that I wanted to share that with others. So I self taught myself everything I know when it came to photography (and I'm still learning). I wanted to show people they can do anything they put their minds to. I'm a perfect example of that. I'm proud to be able to provide opportunities for individuals who wants to make a little part of their dream, feel a bit like reality. For all those who submitted these nominees, I encourage you to continue to support these guys dreams, and continue to push them to the next level.  wink Again thanks to anyone who has supported anything dTk photography has done!!!!!

Now that's off my chest (LOL) let the competition begin!!!!!!! Ok this is how things are going to go down!!! Because there were so many ties when it came to the nomination process between the models, that instead of having 4 we now have 8 nominees!!!!!(this competition has gotten bigger than I thought it would be) There are 8 guys here, but only 5 people from this group can continue on to the finals. So people, who should continue on to compete in the 1st dTk photography's Model of the Year contest. Place your votes now!!!! You have until October 19th to vote. The 5 models that will continue on, will work with different designers, & photographers (including me). We will do challenges to see who really has what it takes to win this thing. The winning model will have a gang of prizes & opportunities provided to them, that I wish I could get HELL lol.  wink  Just to name a few:

*Cover the page of my website as the reigning dTk photography Model 2011 Winner.
*A Full Spread photo shoot by dTk photography.
*Featured in my next blog banner photo with me.
*A interview With Openfly Magazine.
*Multiple promotional photo shoots in select local designers clothing, including different dTk photography adds, as well as other promotional photos for and with other photographers.
Earlier today these guys announced these prizes for my winner as well: (I just totally love them for their support)
*Jaleer: If the winner of DTk Photography (@deontek) is a female they will get two (2) tickets to our Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Debut in NYC in February as well as our 1st pair "Halos" designed especially for them. (None of the females I've shot participated in this, so I guess this is out... wish they really would have.)
*AestĂ­n: If the winner of DTk Photography (@deontek) is a male, they will receive one (1) custom made garment of their choice and will be invited to our fashion show in LA in April.
*Plus plenty more!!!! smile (some things I can't name due to request of the vendor or contributor, until some things are worked out).....

I just want everyone to enjoy this..... no one is a loser..... this is in all good fun... let's make the best of this and let the voting beginning!!!!! Peace & Love........

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