Monday, September 26, 2011

Who is dTk photography's 2011 Model Of The Year?

Here are the links to were you can submit your nominations: DTK Photography Fan Page & Email Contact link!

You guys have until October the 10th. Then the top 4 models will be put on a nomination ballot for the public to vote. Let the games begin!!!!!

The prize is going to be grand!!! So don't miss out!!! All the people I've shot with before are all wonderful... you guys make me love what I do. It's time just have some great fun with it!!!! 

Quantification's: Models must have shot with me with me before under the dTk photography logo!!! #imjustsaying lol...... some folks may not understand that LMAO!!! wink

Models can get people to nominate them as well, so let people know you want to win.... let's get this thing going.... everything I've taught you all.... let's put it to work!!! 

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