Monday, May 2, 2011

A Random dTk Photography Shoot With Sean....

.....and these were his best Shots!!!
Model: Sean E.
Photographer: Deonte` Keller
Location: Suitland, MD/dTk photography Studio

I'm absolutely proud of my best friend Sean for taking this photo shoot to the next level! He's breaking out his shell, and I'm loving every bit of it!!!  smile

See yourself in front of my lens..... 

"my photography is not just for models, or up & coming models, it's for any & everyone. I've been told "he's/she's not a real model" but I feel anyone can take a nice photo with the right person behind the lens. But I also feel like this, anyone can take a photo, but it takes commitment behind the effort, and that's what creates a great shot!!!!"  -Deonte` Keller-

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