Saturday, April 30, 2011

My Latest Movie Reviews

Source Code B-

I really enjoyed Source Code. It was different than what I expected, but non of the less a entertaining film. I enjoyed watching Jake Gyllenhaal try to put the pieces together in this movie. So if you like Fantasy/Action and Thriller type movies you will totally enjoy this. If you've seen the movie "Vantage Point", this kind of reminds me of that. Check it out!!!

Rio B+
Rio was such a cute movie. I think me & my friend Demond was the only 2 grown azzzz men sitting up in the theater laughing our butts off LOL. Watching all these birds sing, dance, fight, kiss, and a whole gang of other stuff, you just couldn't help it! Please take the kids to see this. They will totally enjoy this. My favorite bird was the Red & White one. He's a dancing sucka lol. Plus the dog and monkeys where funny too. Loved it!!! Check it out!!!!

Hanna C-
OMG, I had so much hope for this movie. I just knew this film was going to be the shhhhh, but it turned out to be some bullshhhhh. I was twisting and turning in my seat like OMG please hurry up and go the hell off! I guess if I knew this was going to be a drama before I went to go see it, I would have known it was going to be less action, so I blame myself lol. But it still was some bull. Go see it if you want, but I personally would wait until it comes on the "Lifetime" channel.

Scream 4 A+

This has to be the best movie I've seen this year so far! I was super excited to see this! And it gave me everything I wanted. 10 years ago I was only 20 when the last Scream came out, now 10 years later this movie still gave me chills. I loved seeing Sidney, Gale, & Dewey back together again. This movie had soooooo many twist and turns in it! I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. I'm proud of Wes Craven for this one. I was up in that theater fussing at the screen and everything lol. I felt like a teen again watch this movie. Reminded me of how slasher movies used to be. Please check out this movie, you won't be disappointed! Especially if your a "Scream" fan like me!!!

sidenote: I totally enjoyed Demond, Romey, Shane, & new friend Kesh. Thanks guys for making this movie experience one to remember forever!!!smile

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