Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Album Review: Jennifer Hudson - I Remember Me

☆ 1/2

I absolutely love this album. Jennifer is back with one of the best albums this year. I know some people expected her to have those extremely big ballad songs songs but I love the directon she went in with this album. She collaborated with alot of great producers and song writers on this album (Alicia Keys & R. Kelly to name a few). I've heard some people say they didn't like the album, but if you really listen to it, you can feel the happiness, and joy in her voice. After all she been through she has pulled through wonderfully. I think this album is most definitely for the grown and sexy folks lol. I'm proud of Jennifer's sophomore effort, and I hope it gets promoted well & sell great.

Stand out tracks for me:
I Got This
Where You At
Gone (my favorite)
Feeling Good & Believe

Your going to love this album! smile

1 comment:

speaking hypothetically said...

yes this album is top 5 for me

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