Sunday, March 6, 2011

Let's Break this Tie!!!

You guys have been so wonderful with this voting process. I am truly thankful for your participation in this, when it came to my blog banners from 2010. Most of you know the back story to this, so I don't need to get into details lol.... but, I just needed 100 votes for the best blog banner of 2010, and I got that, but there were two photos that were tied at 18% each lol. So we need to break this tie. So I decided to create another poll, and have the poll end with a odd # using the two photos that created the tie. So let's go!!! LMAO wink

Side note: I notice that the two photos left are photos of me in almost nothing... (side eye) So now I really see what my viewers like about me SMH lmao.... wink I love you guys so much, and thanks again.....

So what photo is the best blog banner photo of 2010 guys????? I'm only going to allow this poll to have 11 votes.... which photo will win? smile Let the voting begin!!! LMAO....

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