Saturday, February 26, 2011

Happy 25th Bday Kevin

Today is my babe Kevin's 25th bday. 

He's has been a really wonderful person to me lately, and I totally enjoy the time we spend together. He's the best. He has been teaching me how to love again. Times were a little rough after my last relationship, but he makes me feel it's OK to let go again. 

Hope he has the best day ever.

 Love you!!! smile

Also check out one of his latest photos he shot with me in my studio a few weeks ago.

 This is one of his best shots with me so far. I swear I'm turning him into a little model LoL.... wink


Marlon Norman said...

Aweee Sooo nice! Happy Bday Kev!! FYI:Marlon lol

deonte' k said...

Awwww Marlon ;)

Darryl said...

We like that Kevin, he's good peeps! said...

Happy Birthday

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