Thursday, January 6, 2011

R.I.P. Mohawk LoL

Over the summer I decided to do something different with my hair for my photo shoots, so I grew out a Mohawk. I actually did it twice. But the other day I finally cut it off! It was getting too high and way too thick for me. These photos are some of my last pictures with it. It's been fun, but I have to go back to my regular haircut for a while. Maybe this year I will try something new, who knows. So R.I.P. to my little Mohawk! I'm going to miss you lol.... wink


Jeff0418 said...

Awww well your gonna be HOT no matter how you wear your hair buddy :)

speaking hypothetically said...

yeah you rocked it hard buddy!

Bombchell said...

hmm ill soon say see you later to my bangs, maybe one more month

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