Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Movie Review: Black Swan

Alot of people has really been giving rave reviews about this film. So I decided to see it.
 I think it was a good film. It was alot different from what I expected, but at the same time good.
 In my opinion, it made me think about how people say you have to become the character you want to portray as an actor or actress, if you want to be taken seriously. And I truly believe she did this in that film. 
But the great part about this all is, not only is she a actress, but she's a WONDERFUL actress. 
She took this character and turned it out! Not only did you see her come alive in this film as it continued on, but she gave it her all as the character she portrayed in the movie. And that's what really made this film good.


Mr. Bare said...

i guess i'll have to go see it.

Donté. said...

I disagree... A+. The way they twisted the story of Swan Lake and gave it a modern day twist while showing the original take on it was amazing. The story came to life. But I do agree with you: wonderful actress!

speaking hypothetically said...

ok just saw this flick i loved it...so not what i thought it was gonna be like.

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