Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ken Dahl.

My buddy Ken Dahl is back with his 3rd album simply titled "Ken Dahl." He first brought us "Tricks Of The Trade" (a classic debut album) then the diverse sophomore album "THE ADAHLCALYPSE." On "Ken Dah" Ken, of course gives us those classic club banners (my favorite type of songs by him), but he also gives us a little bit more. Some of the songs definitely takes me back to the classics from "Tricks Of The Trade." Songs like "2 My Face" &"Ching Ching" just goes hard, and I love it. You can tell this is a New York boy, who truly loves & represents where he's from. That "Turnin Owt Brooklyn Into" tells it all. "Fuck Dat N****" is my favorite song off the album. The beat is hot, and I can do a mean walk to this one lmao lol.... Ken even gives us some pop on this album with songs like "Abracadabra" "Undercover" & "Ice Cream." The two songs I'm the most impressed with is "Identical Twin" (I just get into this song, and I feel this is totally different for Ken. He flexes his vocal ability here, and it's just a beautiful song.) The other song is "Closet" (the meaning behind this song just really touches me). "Lucifer" is just the shhhhh to me. "I'm taking off my halo, and trashing it" YES!!!! LOL. I think Ken Dahl has really put together another great album with producers Garlic Bread Thompson and Matthew Kurz. I'm so proud of him. Make sure you guys download his new album here. And follow him on twitter @KenDahl4U, and let him know what you guys think about his new album.

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