Monday, August 2, 2010

Deonte` Get's On the "Skycoaster" @ Six Flags With Friends

Jesus take the wheel! Can you guys believe I got on this darn thing???? 1st of all I don't even ride roller-coasters, and for me to get on this was way out of my norm. Hell I haven't even been on a plane yet! LOL. I went to Six Flags with two of my best friends (Darrick & Tre`) this pass weekend, and they pushed me onto this thing! Especially Darrick. I damn near wanted to cry lol.

The look on my face tells it all about how I felt about getting on this thing lol.... After I did it, I couldn't believe it did it! NEVER AGAIN!!!!!! LOL


Acoustic Soul said...

I have to congratulate you young man because I know roller coasters and stuff is NOT your thing.


I have to crack the F up because you are not smiling in ANY of the pictures. NOT ONE.

Don't be talking about never agagin. You'll do it again when I get there.

speaking hypothetically said...

awh my peanut is growing up next thing ya know he'll be jetset'n around the world.

thegayte-keeper said...

WOW I know I wouldn't do it!

ZION`OLOGY said...

lmfao..God Deonte was so not feeling this at`s like "lets get this shit over with" are not for everybody.

Reggie said...

Shit, I am always in fear that shit will break. Weird, right? I be like "YEAH LETS DO IT" then chicken the fuck out. LOL!

Will said...

omg, aint no way. If y'all had any souvenirs, I'd be sitting on the bench holding them. I'd have to be drunk before I got on that thing. lol

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