Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Brief Chat With Ken Dahl

Hey Guys, check out my brief chat with my buddy Ken Dahl. As most of you may know by now, I'm truly a huge fan of his work. Over the years we've become really cool, and I love to share with others how talented this young man is. Here he talks about his Hot New photo shoot, weight loss, new song "Lucifer", Brandy, and a possible future collaboration on a song & photo shoot with ME!  

Date: Monday Night July 5th
Deonte Keller 
Hey You? How have you been?
Ken Dahl 
I'm good baby! How are you?
Deonte Keller 
I'm great buddy.

So let me just get straight to it about this photo shoot boy! LOL..... I'm loving it!

Who did you shoot this with, and where was it? What actually inspired it?
Ken Dahl 
Thank you baby. It was shot by Shikieth Cathey, he's an amazing photographer who happens to be a good bud of mine! The shoot was inspired by my new song "Lucifer".
Deonte Keller 
Well he did a amazing job man. I love it!

How did you keep it together on that set with that naked man walking around boy whew? LOL..... because I don't think I would have been able to focus. Hahahaha
Ken Dahl 
The model, Reggie Resino. Phew. He has the best body I've ever seen. You'll see more of him in the upcoming pics from the photoshoot that are being developed now. It was tough I will admit, but I had to get fully into professional mode and stay there. So I got thru it!
Deonte Keller 
LOL... I see. And you were posing too boy! I was like you better work it Ken Dahl. LOL..... You look amazing. I can't help but notice you've lost some weight. Can we talk about that a little? What did you do? And how much have you lost so far?
Ken Dahl
Thank you baby. And yes, I have lost weight. To date I've lost 70 lbs all together. Its something I started a while back. I wanted to make sure that I was putting forth the best possible "me" that I can. That's always been my goal with my music, but I wanted to expand beyond that and develop the entire package.

First and foremost I wanted to make sure what I was doing was healthy. I wanted it to be fast and effective as possible, but also wanted it to be something I could maintain, not a starvation diet. So I simply cut down what I was eating, watched what I was eating, and got out and did more exercise.

Now for me, fun exercise isn't hitting the gym. It bores me and I get tired of it. So I found stuff that I liked to do, like walking around my neighborhood in the evening, or dancing. I feel that the only thing that matters is that you're doing something. Anything is better than sitting on the couch.

I cut down on processed foods as well, ate oatmeal, fruit, veggies, watched my bread intake, but I didn't let go of my occasional treats. Such as a piece of candy here and there, or chinese food on the weekend. But even when I treated myself, I made sure I didn't overdo it. That's the key.
Deonte Keller
Well it's all paying off boy. Keep it up! :)

Let's talk about "Lucifer." This is a really hot track. I really like it. What inspired this song? Who produced & wrote it?
Ken Dahl 
Thank you! :) The track is produced by MJK and it was written by me. It's based on past experiences I've had with love. Sometimes you get tired of being nice. When someone is treating you wrong. And then you get a little Lucifer on a mutherfucka. LOL
Deonte Keller 
LMAO.... you don't have to tell me sir. Trust me I know and been there lol...

So is this a 1st single from a new album or what?
Ken Dahl 
I don't want to say I'm working on a new album, but I am definitely recording and releasing new music. I have a lot to say and express and want everyone to hear it. I don't want things to be too formal this time as far as format is concerned. Because then things become more of a obligation than a creation.
Deonte Keller 
I feel you. Because I'm still rocking that "Turnin Owt Brooklyn" boy! That song was on my top 5 favorite list for weeks lol. At the gym I would listen to this song at least 10 times before I went to the next lol. When I did my blog banner photo for June over at, that song inspired my pose, and look. This song, and Usher's "Lil' Freak" lol.

So do you plan on collaborating with anyone or any other artist anytime soon?
Ken Dahl 
Thank you! And your June shoot is smoking hot! You look very sexy. As far as collaborations, I'm always open to them, but have none planned with any other artists right now. Can't wait until me and you get up and do a little recording together though! It's gonna be so fun.
Deonte Keller 
Thanks man. I truly appreciate that. Because I don't consider myself a model, but I get out there and do something, and it comes out right lol....

Yes I look forward to meeting you, and doing something. ;) Can you imagine that? Me & Ken Dahl on a hot track. I would lose my mind lmao. It will be like Lady Gaga & Beyonce` up in that studio LMAO LOL... But seriously whenever your ready, I'm on the 1st bus to New York buddy. I really want to move there soon.

By the way, Since we were talking about photo shoots earlier sir. When can I get my full dTk photography spread of the wonderful Ken Dahl? ;)
Ken Dahl 
I'm such a fan of your photography, it's so sexy to me. We should hook up this Fall or Winter definitely. I want you to shoot me in the snow for some reason. That would be so hot. Yes people see my "fabulous" side in this recent photoshoot, but I think you can capture the other side of me a lot of people don't think I have. I'm a very playful loveable goofy person.
Deonte Keller 
Yes I would love to do that buddy. I'm telling you I'm there. You just make the call babe lol... and thanks again. I'm still learning alot when it comes to photography, but people have been very supportive, and I'm so grateful.

A lot of people may not know this, but we both love us some Brandy lol... Do you think she will come back out with a album soon? I sure hope so, and what did you think about her last album "Human"?
Ken Dahl 
Yes, I am a huge Brandy fan. Her voice is untouchable and has been giving me chills for over a decade. I know she's been in the studio recording, which means an album will come soon. I'm very excited, she never fails to inject my musical vein with inspiration. As far as "Human", it was a great inspirational album, musically she has better albums, but lyrically speaking it was her best album ever.
Deonte Keller 
OMG I couldn't agree with you more sir! You just felt her on that album!

So I know you have 2 albums out already "Tricks Of The Trade" & "ADAHLCALYPSE".... since they both been out for a minute now, which one have you had the greater response from?
Ken Dahl 
Definitely "Tricks of the Trade". I am very proud of "The Adahlcalypse" but I think it was more of transition material. I really wanted to try something new, and I did, but I don't think it was too personalized. "Lucifer" is like mesh up of the spirit of the these two albums. I'm still trying new things, but remaining true to who I am, and my personality, and everything that makes me different. I'm a kick ass guy.
Deonte Keller 
Yes you are homie yes you are lol..... both albums are wonderful. And I liked the fact you did something different on ""The Adahlcalypse" To me it showed me that you weren't scared to take risk, and I think it worked for you. I loved it!

Well sir I really appreciate you for taking time out of your busy schedule to chat with me. You know I love me some Ken Dahl, and I truly support all you do. You are a very talented individual, and you inspire me alot. I look forward to recording with you, and doing a hot photo shoot together for the single cover. LOL..... ;)

Your truly amazing man.

Is there anything else you like to mention to the viewers over here at deontek's spot?

And how can folks keep up with Mr. Ken Dahl? (well you know I know, but let them know lol) ;)
Ken Dahl 
Thank you so much baby. I can't wait either. You inspire me as well, always thinking of you and wondering if you're going to like a new song, new pic, anything I do. Thank you, and love you. All I have to say to everyone as final words is: Thank you for reading this interview and showing interest. It's appreciated. And please stay tuned.

The best way to reach me is Twitter or Facebook! My handles are both spots are KenDahl4u . :) Love you Deonte, thank you for this.
Deonte Keller 
Ken anytime buddy. I love you too. And that means alot to me man, it truly does. You know I got you! ;)

Now I have to go listen to my Favorite 3 Ken Dahl songs right now before I go to bed "Testimony" "Lucifer" & ""Turnin Owt Brooklyn" ;)

Take care boo, and we will chat again soon. ;)
Ken Dahl 
♥ ♥  

Ken Dahl - "Lucifer"

Ken Dahl's photo shoot with photographer Shikieth Cathey.


ZION`OLOGY said...

As you know i`m not that crazy about his music but i actually like this track and Great chat.
And i totally agree with yall "Human" was brandy`s best album..i dont know why it didnt get a grammy award or grammy nom...It`s such a great album..brandy really out done herself ,it even made a fan out of me...when i was in south africa they had this album on repeat everywhere mostly her track "long distance". The title track is my shit {Maybe what tears us apart
is what brings us back together And everything that makes us different really brings us closer.
Could you hold me (for a little while)?Could you love me (without a doubt)?I need you, I need you}
#i got it playing in the background.
brandy is such a talented songwriter and her vocals are flawless..cant wait for the new album but i dont think she`ll be dropping anything this year. if she was we wouldhave heard something.

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Acoustic Soul said...

Nice interview! I got a little more insight into who Ken Dahl is.

Reggie said...

Love Ken Dahl!!!!!

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