Monday, June 28, 2010

BET Awards 2010 (My Brief Review)

Last night award show had me laughing a lot throughout the entire night. I love me some Queen Latifah, lord knows I do, but those movie skits & costume changes was getting on my last nerve lol. I was like give it a rest already OK!!! LOL

I think Chris Brown did a excellent job on that Michael Jackson tribute. People can laugh or talk about his crying or why he was even crying all they want, but the performance was GREAT!!!
I saw my girl Brandy in the audience looking GOOD!!!!  You guys know I can't miss a thing when it come to that girl lol.....

I love Monica! But this outfit had me rolling. Her, and Deniece Williams looked terrible... I'm sorry. But she can sing her butt off I will give her that, but the outfit was not for her, nor Deniece Williams.

My favorite performance of the night had to be Dirty Money!!!!! I love Dawn (from Danity Kane) & Kalenna walking to that song.... they are sexy!!!! LOL.... and Nicki Minaj was the Icing on the cake in this performance... she killed it... lip syncing or not, I loved it!


ZION`OLOGY said...

As much as i`m not gonna watch the show on saturday,so i`ll speak on the clips i saw today.#sideeye over at monica how many times do we have to hear this song like it`s a great song but for fuck sakes move on than she brings on the legendary soul singer deniece williams on stage who looked like hooker gone bad...and sounded very shitty..{Booooring}. and monica needs to keep her outfits simple cause while watching this mess her outfit kinda throw me off.

There is a god..Brandy finally found a wig that works for her face..lord knows she has wore some shitty wigs in the past which made her look a crackhead #sideeye @whitneyhouston lol..i hope she keeps it...and she`s really growing into her looks GoMrsKeller.

Nicki was snatching some lacefronts with glue still dripping last night,winning 3 awards off a mixtape #GoNickiMinaj

Chris Brown did his thing,i hope this helps him grow cause he`s really talented artist{not a fan but i know what i`m talking bout} and it would be ashame to 4 him to lose his way...he needs sometime out of the industry and enjoy his gf/family..than comeback ad slay some shit up in here..#DeathtoTreySongzTypicalShit..he would make a great replacement for MJ but but yeah he would.

I loved how Alicia got on top the Piano and saaang her pregnant ass off in the prince tribute.If you watch his face, he loved that.
that entire Prince tribute was the highlight of the whole show.The entire Prince tribute was the highlight of the whole show..#GoPatti.

Bigass Yawnnnnnnnn@KingLatifah okay i havent see those skits you`re talking bout lord i hate her promo videos for the show.{Not Funny}<<<<corniness..smh

OMG Ms Nia Long looked shit hot..loved the dress/haircut the woman looked flawless.

Jeff0418 said...

I have to say this year's show kept my attention a lot more than last year's show..(sorry Jamie Foxx)..I did enjoy Chris Brown's performance and those costume changes of the Queen were mildly

Anonymous said...

Jamie Foxx was a fucking hot ass mess!!!!!

The butch queen was so much better!!!!

Anonymous said...

I didn't get to see it. I'm not sure if I want to now.

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