Thursday, May 20, 2010

Buying Donuts Off the Streets!

Earlier today I posted this status message on Facebook & Twitter "I really still don't understand this whole selling donuts on the street thing. I mean, who actually buy them? Ugh lol...." I want to touch on this disturbing subject just a tab bit more (LOL) I seriously don't get it! You got boxes of donuts outside stacked up all day, and you want me to purchase the stale things.... O no lol... I see this happening everywhere... coming off the escalator out the the stop light on the corner, & outside of stores! I just keep walking, as I look at them like they are crazy. This girl came into work one day with a box saying "Guess what guys, I got these on my way to work, coming out the metro." I stared at her like I wanted to kill her lol. And last but not least, I hate when I'm at the light, and I'm being held up in traffic because someone actually rolles down their window, and buy a box!!!! Ahhhhhhh!!! LOL.


Eduardo Guize said...

It really sounds like summoning diarrhea, indeed

speaking hypothetically said...

i agree with Eduardo on this not very sanitary

Jeff0418 said...

LMAO!!@ Eduardo

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