Thursday, May 13, 2010

America's Next Top Model, Cycle 14: Ugly-Pretty Woman/America's Next Top Model Is..Krista!

I am soooo proud of Krista. She does deserve the title. Although I wanted Angelea to win (she just couldn't get her confidence together. She took her eyes off the prize, and focused to much on her opponents). Krista to me, started off as the underdog in this competition. I didn't think she would make it at all, I have to be honest. But somehow the underdog started to shine, and once she did, there was never a dull light. I love the fact she made me love her so much. As a photographer, I can so see me shooting her. She is a killer when it comes to posing, and I think this title will take her very far. So again congratulations to Krista for winning this season of America's Next Top Model. She truly deserved it, and I'm happy for her. Can't wait until next season!  

 The best photo of the bunch! I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!
 I didn't understand why her picture was so blurry?????
I like this photo of Raina. It's beautiful.
 And the winner is Krista..... I love this photo!
 Raina Picture was beautiful too!
I'm not a fan of this photo, but I love them both!

Thanks for tuning in guys for my America's Next Top Model photo postings every week... until next next time...... Do you wanna be on TOP?????


speaking hypothetically said...

yaaay 4 Krista!....i loved the finale i was wondering why her pic was blurry aswell.

Anonymous said...


I must have missed a couple of shows. They went from sheep to announcing a winner. Wow.

Forbidden Light said...

I haven't been this happy since Fantasia won American Idol! I was rooting for Krista from the beginning, I love seeing dark skinned women doing "something else"...

Does anyone know where I could find the rest of Krista's film from the episode where they were wearing outfits made of hair? I love that Grace Jones shit!

Anonymous said...

i'm sure if anyone knows where to find them, D knows.

AJ said...

Well congrats. She is ugly but oh well. I'm sure my cousin is happy a black girl won. I basically just gave up on this season.

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