Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Movie Review: The Losers

I absolutely enjoyed this movie this pass weekend. It had action, and comedy. And I love those type of films. The acting was good, just everything about it was interesting. It had me glued to the screen the entire movie. Zoe Saldana was this sh*t in this movie. She is officially one of my favorite actresses now. Along with Jada, Halle, and Gabrielle Union. I loved Zoe's character. In the movie, the guys called her a bad a** chick, and believe me, she was lol.. If you guys haven't seen this movie yet, I truly recommend it.


AJ said...

I can't believe you put Gabby in the same sentence with them. She can't act in my opinion. Plus she always got that same damn smirk no matter what character she plays.

deonte' k said...

Aj: Leave my girl alone!!!!!

Jeff0418 said...

Ive heard some good things about this movie, and im in love with ZOE!!!

Anonymous said...

i'll wait for the video

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