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Q & A With Deonte` K: Feat. Ken Dahl

I remember this night like it was yesterday. Sometime back in 2008, I came home, opened up my Myspace page and I received a friend request from someone named Ken Doll (before Ken Dahl it was Ken Doll) and I was like, now who the hell is this? LOL. I accepted the request, and then learned it was a someone promoting their music, and so on. In my head, I was thinking, here we go, another Myspace music Artist trying to push his music off on folks, and you will never hear from them again! So some time went pass, and we said a few words like thanks for the request/add, and so on. After that I never had a desire or thought to really listen to his music on his Myspace page. I always felt, if it wasn't a major artist, then most likely I won't like it. Well that all changed for me one night. I was so bored one late night, thinking about some things, and I saw this Ken Doll's picture on my page again, and I notice he mention something about loving Brandy (my all time favorite singer). So I decided to visit his page, and view his info, and learned he loved Brandy just as much as me! But while doing that, music started to play, and it said "Where you get your hair done, where you get them shoes from, it's all I hear throughout the f*cking day, b*tches pledge allegiance when they see me, wishing that they could be me, Ms. Jay taught me how to walk the runway, 1, 2, bitch walk............ B*tch I'm Flawless Yeah." When I heard "Flawless" I instantly became a fan (well a Dahl as Ken Dahl call us ) So I let the play list continue, and every song was HOT! "If This Pussy Could Talk" blew my mind. I've never heard nothing like that in my life lol. They made me dance in the dark right at my computer lol. I was so impressed with his music, that I wanted to help promote it. So I started something called who is "Ken Dahl?" on my blog, and got a lot of my viewers acquainted with him. Everything after that is history. I absolutely adore Ken Dahl. He is a such a inspiration to so many people. He's humble, and has a great spirit about him.

I wanted to tell this brief story about our connection only to say never judge a book by it's cover. I could have easily hit ignore to his friend request, or never gave his music a chance, only because of past encounters with others. But because I did, I had some of the best workouts in my life lol.. but seriously, I've got a chance to get to know a wonderful person. Someone who the rest of the world needs to get to know as well. I'm sure you will be in love with him as much as I am
. So with all that being said, I present to you all, the 1st Q & A with Deonte` K featuring my buddy, and Friend Ken Dahl.

Q What’s up Ken Dahl? 1st, I would like to just thank you for taking out the time to do this Q & A with me. We’ve been planning it for a minute now.

A Of course, baby. Anything for my Deonte.

Q So let’s start off, by telling everyone who you are, and where are you from?

A My name is Ken Dahl! I'm from NYC.

Q What inspired you to do music?

A Music inspired me to do music. Amazing artistry from Brandy, Toni Braxton, and others, made me decide to do this.

Q If you could work with any other artist, who would it be, and why?

A Brandy or Toni Braxton. Lifelong dream. It's gonna happen.

Q Do you write your own songs?

A I wrote most of them. I wrote half of Tricks of The Trade and nearly every song on The Adahlcalypse (except two). I'm very involved.

Q What is a day in the studio like for you?

A It's very relaxing, its therapeutic. I release all my tension and let loose. I always feel like I am in my zone when I'm recording. I get to show who I am thru music. All my moods, all my sayings I use everyday, on a beat. It's amazing and fun.

Q How did you come up with the name Ken Dalh? We know it used to be Ken Doll. What happened? Why did you change it?

A In the spring of 2008, I was so bored at the job that I grabbed a pen and paper. I just started scribbling, and I kept writing "Ken Doll" over and over. I took that and developed a character in my head. The next day I hit up Garlic Bread with my idea, from there it was history! Once I saw the music spreading, which we really didn't expect, I changed it from "Doll" to "Dahl" to avoid any legal problems. But it ended up being an even better name, and I think it gave me my own identity.

Q I’m a photographer, and would love to do a photo shoot with you. If I wanted to shoot you and 3 of your favorite “Dahl’s” who would they be? I know you have many, but I want you to pick 3, you would love to shoot with.

A Oh my God. I think I know the answer to this though. It would be you, Danyelle, and Last O. You three hold a very special in my heart.

Q Which one of your songs do you think has had the most impact on people?

A I would have to say "If This Pussy Could Talk". It's everywhere on YouTube.

Q Do you see yourself as an inspiration for other up and coming gay singers/artist & performers?

A I never saw myself as that until people started saying it. I mean just last week someone texted me, thanking me for being a "pioneer". When I hear words like this, don't get me wrong I'm grateful, but I guess I don't see myself that way. I'm just doing what I love. But I'm glad it is inspiring, that's amazing. It gives me even more reason to continue. It gives me a great deal of purpose.

Q Lets talk about your video "EXPOSURE." What inspired this video? Where was it recorded, and what was the whole concept based on? How has the response been so far?

A In the "Exposure" video, I decided to touch on domestic violence. Listening to the song, one can assume many meanings, it's not a very elaborate song. But that's what I took from it. It was recorded here in NYC. The response has been amazing. I was nervous because this is my first video, but people are feeling it alot. Since posting it last week, it's hit 2100+ views, and alot of awesome reviews. Its brung me alot of new dahls, very excited about that. That was my goal. I want to reach out as far as I can, to as many as I can.

Q “Tricks Of The Trade” was a hot album to follow up behind. How are people responding to the new album “THE ADAHLCALYPSE?”

A The response has been amazing, the album surprised people. Alot were expecting me to keep the same formula as the debut album, but I wanted to take a turn. Doing the same thing twice would be too easy. I have so much in my arsenal, I really wanted to stretch my musical muscle this time and pull more out. And "The Adahlcalypse" was the result. It blew the dahls away, and that's what I wanted. Don't get me wrong, some had to adjust, and some preferred the debut altogether, but for the most part I got the response I expected and hoped for.

Q What are your favorite songs to perform?

A "Exposure". I really get into it, because I can totally relate. But "Tomahawk" is another favorite, so energetic! I love doing my karate kicks and punches during the breakdowns. Ha!

Q How does your family feel about your music? Are they supportive?

A VERY supportive. They are all certified dahls. And I can tell they don't just enjoy it because I'm their brother/nephew/cousin, but they honestly love the music, and it gets them moving and so excited. My family is amazed and proud when they see all the hype, YouTube vids, fan signs, everything. And now they're estatic about the new video. They know me simply as "Junior" (lol) but have nothing but high hopes and love for Ken Dahl.

Q Do you have a boyfriend?

A No, I have to stay focused, guys throw me completely off track. I'm a Cancer, I'm very emotional. So its either a relationship or Ken Dahl. Because its no way I can do both. Ken's the #1 man in my life right now. And its going to be that way for a long, long time.

Q Favorite song?

A "Sweet Nothings" by Brandy. That song takes me to another world. There is nothing like it.

Q Favorite Movie?

A Sometimes in April"

Q When Ken Dahl is not in the studio working on music or promoting his albums, what does he like to do with his spare time? What are some of the things you like to do?

A Honestly when I'm not doing my own music, I'm listening to music. Music is really my life. Everywhere I go I'm singing, thinking about music, artists, etc. It consumes me.

Q How do you remain grounded, with all the attention you are receiving now? I know you talk to me on a daily basic. I really admire the fact, that you are so down to earth, and have not got big headed like some folks become once they get to a certain level. A lot of people want others to support their talents, but forget how important it is to at least reach back to others with a thank you here and there.

A There's a reason I don't call any of my supporters "fans". That's so impersonal to me. I call them "dahls" because they are so beautiful to me. Ken Dahl brought me these amazing people who love and cherish me, people like you who don't just see me as another upcoming artist. They see something special in me. Things that I don't see sometimes even in myself. These aren't fans to me. These are my beautiful dahls, they are beside me, they are with me, I love them so much with all my heart. I've been through alot, seen and heard alot, but never love like this. I LOVE to interact and get to know any dahl, it brightens my day to talk to you guys -- which is why I LOVE Twitter. I don't feel distant from you anymore. I'm getting teary eyed just thinking about it.

Q Do you hope to get a major record deal soon, or do you plan to create your own label?

A I plan on starting my own label in the near future.

Q Has anyone reached out to you from the music business, about your music? If so, who, and what they say?

A Yes, a few people in the industry. My most precious dahl being Candice Nelson, part of the The Clutch, she's written so many of my favorite songs, "My Love" by Ciara, "Focus" by Brandy, "Brave" by J-Lo -- she's amazing. She was a supporter before, but "The Adahlcalypse" seems to completely won her over. She's a dahl! Very proud to say that. She tells me all the time how much I inspire her. It's amazing to have people that you look upto, look upto you. It's crazy.

Q I don’t know if you know this, but I’m your biggest fan. I truly love your work, and I’m so proud of you. I know you get these type of comments everyday. How does that make you feel?

A Awww. Thanks boo. And comments like this inspire me to keep going! It would be selfish of me to stop now knowing that people look forward to me continuing what I'm doing! I feel honored to even have that anticipation. Very humbling.

Q Do you plan on getting on the road to promote your new album?

A YES! Already in talks for a few huge events, once I'm done wrapping up these videos, its to the road I go! I want to hit every club possible, I have way too much club friendly material now not to be in a club promoting.

Q Do you have any up coming projects?

A YES! Beside the "Walk The Plank" vid shoot on Jan 30th, Garlic Bread and I were just talking about another album later this year. I'll reveal this to you only, but we're taking it back to the roots of Ken Dahl, "Tricks of The Trade" style. Of course with a new twist.

Q If you could give one piece of advice to anyone following a dream what would it be?

A Just keep pursuing it, if you know that you're meant to do something, don't let anything stop you or get in your way. It sounds very cliche, but its no coincidence that the most successful people happen to be the hardest workers and the most ambitious. And most confident. So many times I talk to people who tell me they are afraid of this, and unsure of that, just do it. Don't let anyone hold you back, but most importantly don't let yourself hold you back from your own dream.

Q Yo Ken Dahl let me ask you a question, you heard what that ______ Ja Quan said about you?

Who the f*ck is Ja Quan?

That ______ from South Side Jamaica Queens?

Wait, hold on, let me stop you, Ja Quan South Jamaica Queens? Who the hell is that, what does he do?

Yo that’s pookies lil’ brother....

I don't know her, I don't know him. BYE!

LMAO LOL LOL Love you Boi! ;)


The last part of this Q&A was taken from a snippet from Ken Dahl's song "Lesser Gorl." One of my favorite songs of his new CD "THE ADAHLCALYPSE."

Get connected with Ken Dahl. Check out his Myspace page and web page

If you haven't already... download his new CD "ADAHLCALYPSE" here.


Acoustic Soul said...

I'll sit back and anxiously await my interview.

good job!

deonte' k said...

Acoustic Soul: lol ;)

speaking hypothetically said...

ok Deonte you got Babara Walters on him loving this very imformative.

ZION`OLOGY said...

great interview...not loving the cd tho..srry.

deonte' k said...

speaking hypothetically: LMAO, thanks buddy lol. ;)

Zion: Well I love it sir!

Maybe one of my questions should have been.... Ken how do you deal with these type of responses lol lol.

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