Saturday, January 30, 2010

Deonte`s Top 5 Songs This Week

1. Katharine McPhee - Say Goodbye (This song is so beautiful)

2. Katharine McPhee - Last Letter

3. Mary J. Blige - Kitchen

4. Allison Iraheta - Trouble Is

5. Ken Dahl - Heavy

So what have you guys been listening to!!


dre said...

1. Tonight ( Mary J Blige) with the bass up to crank it
2. Rihanna - So hard
3. Defected Podcast on Itunes
4. Mary J Blige - I feel good
5. Jay Z - On to the next

deonte' k said...

dre: I love your list!!!! ;)

ZION`OLOGY said...

1.erykah badu- that hump
2.toni braxton-please
3.teedra moses-put it in the wind
4.lauryn hill-mr.intentional
5.john legend-so high

JB said...

1.Tweet- Heaven
2.Tweet- Beautiful
3.Rihanna- Stupid in Love
4.Amel Larrieux- We Can Be New
5.Amel Larrieux- Weary

Now you know I gotta include gospel section ^_^

1.The Anointed Pace Sisters- A Friend
2.Earnest Pugh- Rain on Us
3.Youthful Praise- Still Mighty, Still Strong
4.The Anointed Pace Sisters- See of Righteousness
5.Israel Houghton ft. Mary Mary- Every Prayer

Will said...

Soldier of Love, Sade
Bulletproof, Raheem DeVaughn
So Hard, Rihanna
The Uncomfortable Truth, Nneka
Staying in Love, Raphael Saadiq

AJ said...

sade - soldier of love
monica - everything to me
crackney - worth it
jay-z - on to the next one
mary j blige - i am

Jeff0418 said...

Robin Thicke ft. Niki Minaj- Shaking it for Daddy Latoya-Regret Omarion ft.Gucci Mane- Get it In Novel-With My Mind Whitney Houston & Deborah Cox-Same Script Different Cast

Anonymous said...

Jay Z, Bono & Rihanna "Stranded"
Mary J Blige "Tonight"
Diamond "Superbad"
Trey Songz "Ready To Make Love"
Rihanna "G4L"

BuddahDesmond said...

Here are my top 5 songs:

Maysa - "Simpatico"
Lady GaGa - "Monster"
Mary J. Blige - "I Love U (Yes I Du)"
Maxwell - "Bad Habits"
Vanessa Williams - "Lazy Afternoon"

speaking hypothetically said...

1. Rihanna - So hard
2. Robin Thicke ft. Niki Minaj- Shaking it for Daddy
3. Soldier of Love - Sade
4. Rihanna - G4L
5. Katharine McPhee - Last Letter

Acoustic Soul said...

You would like KITCHEN! LOL

小小彬 said...


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