Friday, December 11, 2009

Video: Brandy Rapping With Timbaland On MTV

I'm still shocked to know that my favorite singer in the world is rapping now. I love it! She is killing this verse like she's been doing this for years. I LOVE HER!!!!!

This song is called "Meet In Tha Middle" on Timbaland's new Album "Shock Value 2" in stores NOW!!!!! Bran' Nu is her rap name.


ZION`OLOGY said...

first it was monica rapping wit brandy wit seems switching it up aint shows another layer to their creativity...and as much as i had to return tim`s album...i have to say brandy killed it..

Stupendous said...

okaaaayyy. yeah she's good here, i like this new side. but i prefered the youtube vid of her in her bedroom or whatever, with the "its my party" song. liked her flow better there.

speaking hypothetically said...

Brandy killed it the end.

Acoustic Soul said...

blah blah blah! Go head Brandy (I ain't mad at her)

Anonymous said...

all the rnb singers trying to rap now.

oh well.

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