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My Interview With Fellow Blogger Reggie: Re-posted (In Case You Missed It)

I decided to re-post the interview I did with fellow blogger Reggie, just in case some of you missed it back in the begging of November over at M.A.L.E.... it's all about us..... Check out his blog page over at

Barbie & Kens, I had the pleasure of interviewing my babes, Mr. Deonte Keller. I first met Deonte "back in the day" when blogging was hot as the hookers on first and love!!! (IF YOU DIDN'T KNOW, WE ARE IN A BLOG-CESSION!) His crazy ass became one of my favorite bloggers easy. Friends on bloggers, Facebook, Twitter, I am a #1 Deonte "stan". His pictures, both model and photographer are a-maz-ing. AND I GOT THE FIRST INTERVIEW! TAKE THAT OPRAH! TYRA! WENDY WILLIAMS! THAT LOUD ASS MONIQUE! AND TAKE THAT, DELLA REESE! (I LOVE YOU, BROTHER!!!)

DEONTE! What's up baby? You are now rockin' with the best. SO...
Let the world know who you are. Give me one word to describe yourself and why.

What’s good everyone. My name is Deonte`. I’m a cosmetologist, makeup artist, and photographer. Basically I’m just a cool down to earth guy, who enjoys great company, and conversation. LOVE to go to the movies, laugh, take photos, listen to music, take walks, and spend quality time with family & friends. I really inspire to be like Derek Blanks (photographer) one-day. (Smile)

If I had to give one word to describe myself it would be “open-minded.” I say that only because I try to understand everyone (even though some people you just can’t lol). I don’t like to look at things from one point of view. So I try to see things from all angles. Plus I like to learn new things, so I don’t like to walk into thing without having an open mind.

I love your pictures. How do you feel taking them? What about behind the lens? And which one would you rather prefer?

Well thanks Reggie. I appreciate that buddy.

When I take pictures, I feel like I transform into someone else lol. If you see me in person or know my personality, you would be like “YOU” took that picture lol. Sometimes I feel pressured while taking them as well. For a few years I’ve been known to take good pictures, so every time I step in front of the camera, my nerves kick in, but once I’m into it, I somehow come out with a hot picture lol.

Behind the lens I’m totally different. I love capturing people at their best. I always feel I can take any person with the right confidence and make them hot, with my hair, makeup, and directing skills. It’s like taking a person out of reality, and putting them into a fantasy. I can shoot people all day long if I had too.

Wow, good question...hmmm.... it’s hard to choose lol... but if I had to pick one (bites lip lol)... ugh.. I guess I would have to say being behind the lens. Because, up until recently.. I’ve always took my own pictures lol.. So at the end of the day, I could still set the timer for 10 secs, run across the room, and pose for my life lmao!

Do you have any favorite models? Who did you have the most fun shooting and why. And whom would you like to shoot? (I.E. REGGIE)

Yes. One of my favorite male models growing up was Will Lemay.... I like Boris Kodjoe as well.

I love Tyra Banks & Eva (from America’s Next Top Model)

Who I had the most fun with lol... well I enjoyed all my models. They all bring something fun, exciting & different to the set. Most of them I share some type of personal relationship with, so being with them while participating in something I love to do, just make me feel great. The fun we have, and the memories we create are just priceless!
Wow, there are soo many people I would love to shoot, but I would love to shoot Beyonce` lol... that would be a dream come true for me. Eva, Tyra Banks (just to see her smile with her eyes lol)... Boris Kodjoe, a myspace buddy named Robert Trapp, Tyson Beckford, Will Smith, my buddy Ken Dahl, my mom, and all my friends lol..... and of course you Reggie.. (smile)

What makes you different from other bloggers? Is blogging by choice or for money?

When I blog I just blog! I have no special reason for it. I just like to talk lol. Whatever’s on my mind I will blog on it. I like to share things that make up my world. And it’s definitely a choice. If I got paid for it, as much as I blog, I would be rich lol. So no, it’s not for money.

Who are you best compared to physical wise? What about personality wise?

LOL.... I guess no one.... I mean I work out, but I got a lot to work on lol. Personality wise... I really don’t know lol... I’m just me... I know I can be a total weird individual at times. Meaning I’m very funny, and particular about things. Sometimes very misunderstood, but overall fun, and outgoing.

How was high school for you? Were you out? Enrolled now?

High school was boring to me lol... well until 10th grade. It’s where I met my 1st girlfriend, and a group of friends who I started really having fun with.

As far as being out, I never really thought about it then. I knew I had certain feelings, but never acted on them.

Nope not enrolled in any school right now.

Close with your family? Anybody special that means the world to you? Any loss that inspires you?

Yes very close with my family.

My mom means the world to me. She’s my hero, and I love her very much.

The lost of my cousin has really inspired me. She was way to young to die, and the way she did. So it makes me really appreciate life, and the people in it, sooo much more than I probably ever have.

Can you give me some life updates? More photos? More blogs?

Yes.... I update my life pretty regularly with my blogs lol. My friends tell me they keep up with me just by reading my blogs lol.
As far as more photos, I do that on the regular as the works of creating my own photography company with my photography partner Dwight Berry called 2D Photography... and more blogs... most definitely buddy lol... will probably never stop lol. Even though it’s been a blog drought lately lol. No one seems to do it since Facebook & Twitter hit the scenes lol.

What direction of life are you in? Close to any dreams? Any dreams in reach?

I’m just focusing on trying to create a business for myself with my photography, makeup & hair skills.

As far as being close to any dream, I would say yes. I going in the direction I always hope to go, so that’s always a good thing.

Completing cosmetology school was a dream for me. I thought I’d never get out of that place lol.

Who is going to save blogging from the "blog-cession"? (A recession for bloggers. Alot of blogs are being neglected or forgotten.)

You know, I have no idea. I just do what I do, and hopefully people will get back into reading blogs, instead of status messages & updates on twitter and facebook as I mention before. Don’t get me wrong.. I have those accounts as well, but my blog comes 1st!!!!!!!!! lol.

Your thoughts on Chris Brown? Are you feeling his new song "I Can Transform Ya"?

Chris Brown, I think he’s cute... he’s very talented. A breath of fresh air to the males of R&B....
I just actually heard this song, and seen the video today, and it’s a hot lil’ song lol.


Yes.... been in a relationship for a year now.

Any favorite blogs? Websites?

Yes. Some of my favorite blogs, and websites are: (has the potential to be a great blog, if he just keep up with it more lol.)

and last but not least since we’ve been acquainted, I’ve been liking what I see over @

Are you a Nicki Minaj fan?

WHO? Lol.... don’t know of her...who she is, or what she does. Lol.

Any hidden talents?

I can act really good.... always wanted to be on the big screen!

Tell me about the blog(s). Which is your favorite? Anything in the future?

Well my deontek.blogspot blog is just random stuff I like to share or talk about. My blog is simply for displaying my photography work. I love them both equally, but if I had to choose one, deontek.blogspot would have to be my favorite. It was my 1st one.

I don’t think I will be creating any other blog pages in the near future.

Any addictions?

Not that I know of lol.

What are you watching on TV?

America’s Next Top Model & Real Housewives Of ATL.

Interested in doing a guest segment for my blog?

Sure. Why Not... just tell your people call my people, and we can get it set up lol.

Can you give me a shout out?!? And tell my followers how to contact you. Via Myspace, Facebook, Twitter. Any websites.

I wanna give my boy Reggie a shout out for giving me this opportunity to be interviewed by him. This is my 1st one lol. I was very exited lol.. I love his blog, and he is a character in his own world. You gotta love him.... can’t wait to get him in front of my camera. I know we would create magic.

Anyone interested in contacting me, you can find me here:

If you have facebook, type in Deonte` Keller & you can find me there!

Note: Some of this contact info has changed since this interview.


Stephen said...

This is a totally cool blog, young man. I am really glad to poke around & read about you. You are a great looking, sexy guy & I know you have the talent to go far.
Hugs from Portland oregon

deonte' k said...

Stephen: Awww thanks buddy, I truly appreciate your comment... :)

speaking hypothetically said...

oh gawd its on here *runs*

Jeff0418 said...

I can say this much about this interview, great! If no one had any idea who you were they will from this interview...

Acoustic Soul said...

Hmm . . . Have I read this b4?

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