Thursday, November 26, 2009

Movie Reviews: You May Or May Not Want To See Over The Holiday Weekend

Ninja Assassin A+

This movie was great! I loved it. Very graphic. I love movies like this. My mom used to like Bruce Lee films, and I used to watch them all the time, so watching this took me back to that, but on a whole another level. Rain the main character was the shhhh!!!! LOL... I would run behind him for protection any day you hear me lol. I gotta get me one of those bodies they had up in this movie lol. This is a must see movie!!!!

2012 A+

I absolutely loved this movie! It makes you wonder if something like this could actually happen. Just one of those movies that really makes you think. Go see it! Great Movie.

Precious: Based on the Novel "Push" by Sapphire A+

OMG this movie was excellent. I totally enjoyed it, and was totally impressed with all the actors performances. OMG this movie was excellent. I totally enjoyed it, and was totally impressed with all the actors performances. Monique really did that character for me. She made made me proud. I totally loved Paula Patton. She was good too. Gabourey Sidibe played her part as well, and was phenomenal. Sherri Shepherd was too funny, and Mariah Carey was great to me. This movies is one I suggest everyone to see. I loved it!

The Box

One of the worst movies I've seen in a longtime. It was really different for Cameron Diaz, and I loved her acting, but the movie sucked! I liked the concept of the movie, but I expected more!!!!!!!

Paranormal Activity

All I gotta say is WTF lol. Crazy movie. Lol... wasn't all that scary but very interesting. I hope nothing like what happened in this movie happens in my house lol.

Law Abiding Citizen

To me this movie was just boring. Nothing like I expected it to be to be honest. It was watchable, but nonetheless boring.

Saw VI

I loved this movie. I always say this, but I love how every time I watch a new one it gives u a little more info you didn't know of from the previous Saws. I enjoyed it.

The Stepfather

This was one I could have caught on the Lifetime Channel or something. It was intense at times, but overall failed to deliver in my opinion.

Whip It

I totally loved this movie. My co worker took me to see it, and it was really good... I think it's definitely worth going to see if your into this kind of movie. It has Drew Barrymore, Juliette Lewis & Eve in it, along with the star of the film Ellen Page.


speaking hypothetically said...

The Real Ratings!

Ninja Assassin A+ sexy main character alone gets A+

2012 C+ its the Day After Tomorrow all over again

Precious A+ loved the book so i knew this was a winner

The Box F ...i wasted like 2hrs of my life with this

Paranormal Activity C+ it didnt live up to the trailer

Law Abiding Citizen D i fell asleep for over half of this flick

Saw VI A+ the best Saw Ever however im over the Saw series

The Stepfather D i think this movie was dry and should have skipped the bigscreen and went str8 to dvd

Whip It A++ i love some roller derby and this is really entertaining

Jeff0418 said...

I definitely agree with the Precious,Ninja Assassin and 2012 grades I really enjoyed all three. the only other movie i saw in your review was Law Abiding Citizen well should I say I paid to see but fell asleep on,lol...

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