Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Albums In Stores 2day:

Janet Jackson - Number Ones

John Mayer - Battle Studies

Kris Allen - Kris Allen

Leona Lewis - ECHO

Are You Supporting any of these Albums?


CLSMOOTH said...

Hey Chuck!
Well you know I bought the JANET album! Loves It of course. I am considering the JOHN MAYER album. The rest I will await on you album reviews first!

~Music is such a WONDERFUL art form!

ZION`OLOGY said...

it kills me to say none of them...never been a janet fan but i did buy her album Discipline...thats some hawt shi...:)idk if i wanna waste my money on this one!!!

sigh....john mayer...i really dont like this guy...and i dont see myself liking his music...too.

who`s kris allen???

leona "bore me" lewis...this chick bores the shit out of me..i`ll never waste my money on her crap...next!!!

speaking hypothetically said...

i bought Janets and i want John Mayers....the rest i have pirated(dont judge me)

Jeff0418 said...

I bought Janet it kinda reminds me me of her CD designs of a decade I like it though.

Acoustic Soul said...

Kris Allen is sooo damn cute!

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