Wednesday, October 7, 2009

America's Next Top Model, Cycle 13 Episode 4: Take My Photo, Tyra!

I know I'm like a week late, but I still had to post my photos from my show lol..... I liked this photo shoot.... I thought it was pretty good... I liked Tyra being behind the camera. It sorta reminds me of myself... how I like to model, as well as photograph others. ;)

Check out the photos below:

It was just OK!

Same.... just OK!

Looks a little scary lol.

This girl eyes are what makes her photo hot!

Another Just OK Photo!

I like the pose..but still just OK!

It's alright!

I love this photo! I actually think this was the best of the bunch!

I like it... Looks like a painting.

It's pretty.

Watch the show tonight @ 8 on the CW to see who goes home this week. Last week was Bianca's time.


Jeff0418 said...

I didnt get to see the episode however i do like these pics. As far as Bianca gos im glad she got

Q said...

I can't take that Asian cunt's eye! She tried it! lol...

speaking hypothetically said...

I saw the episode uhm i liked Sunday and the Asian chicks pics....thus far im not impressed with the episodes.

Anonymous said...

I like Jennifer....I don't think she is going to win though....:P

I myself like to photograph people as well as be in front of the camera....just a passion....:)P

Acoustic Soul said...

I liked this chick. She was a little hard, but I still liked her!

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