Friday, September 25, 2009

America's Next Top Model, Cycle 13 Episode 3: Make Me Tall

This was a pretty good episode. I really liked this photo shoot. That LuLu girl got on my last nerve. O I was so glad they sent her home. All that talking she was doing, it served her right to go home. I hope she working on her poses along with that funky attitude she had. And Ashely will be going next if she keep it up with her attitude too!

Nothing too exciting about this photo!

Just don't like it!

My favorite picture of the bunch... she sould have been called 1st this week!

Looks like a zombie holding up her dress.

She is posing.... I like it!

Could have been a hot picture only if she angled herself correctly.

She was called 1st this week. I like this photo.

This is a cool picture.

Pretty, but not good enough.

Something about her for me just don't allow me to even like her modeling.

I love the hair, and the colors in this photo, but she could have done better.

Lets see what they all bring to the table next week!


Anonymous said...

That Lulu chick HAD TO GO!!!!:P

[jei.lamar] said...

YES! I was so glad about her leaving!!.....this photo shoot was okay..I really don't like Bianca....but I do love the asian girl I think her name is Jennifer, her lazy eye is ca-yute! & also the crazy one with the red hair don't remember her name either but I like her.....I like Ashley too...she kinda favors Ciara & sometimes Kyla Pratt.

Jeff0418 said...

Lulu was a pest I was happy to see her go, I agree with jei.lamar about the asian girl. And my girl from chitown needs to kickit into overdrive..dont embarrass chitown like those other chics

Acoustic Soul said...

Good bye LULU! Yes!

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