Tuesday, September 22, 2009

America's Next Top Model, Cycle 13 Episode 2: Fortress of Fierceness

I really just thought last weeks photo shoot was OK. But here are the pictures. Hopefully tomorrow the shoot will be much better. Now Tyra done created something called Smizing or something like that lol...... that's my girl. You gotta love her lol.

I really don't have a favorite, but this one does stand out from the rest. So I give it to Tyra & them on this one. This makes two weeks in a row (so far) that we are on the same page lol.


Anonymous said...

I agree. That was the one I picked!!!!

speaking hypothetically said...

I agree with your choice aswell & the one with the chick laying across the horse...i thought last week was very vanilla.

Jeff0418 said...

I agree with everyone this photo shoot was ok and I liked the picture you chose as the standout.

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