Monday, July 27, 2009

Tamar - Tamar

Do anyone remember this a album?

It came out in 2000. She is one of Toni Braxton's Sisters.

I love this CD!!!!!! Was listening to it today & wanted to see who knows their music lol.

This was one of the single from the album: "If You Don't Wanna Love Me"


Jeff0418 said...

Yes sir I remember her, I have the CD...somewhere in my CD'

speaking hypothetically said...

OMG !!!YES!!! i dunno where that cd is but i do remember it well.

ps. imma need u to send me that

Anonymous said...

i don't remember her. lemme youtube it.

TheBlacks said...

This CD was wonderful - Tamar has a great voice and she had some hidden gems on the CD. She does alot of back-up singing for older sister, Toni

sassyone said...

Yes i lived for that CD....'if you don't wanna love me' was my themes song...she also has another song on the 'kingdom come' her voice

deonte' k said...

Jeff0418: LOL

speaking hypothetically: I got u! lol

Gummi Bare: Hey old 360 friend. ;)

TheBlacks: She did have some really nice tracks man. ;)

sassyone: yes it was called "try me" :)

Jon said...

Yep, I remember this. I liked the song "Get None" a lot; I think it was the lead single from the album.

Acoustic Soul said...

Oh yea! I remember this girl and the CD. Remember the girls were in a group together? Yep, too bad they didn't blow up.

deonte' k said...

Jon: it was. ;)

Acoustic Soul: yes the Braxtons ;)

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