Sunday, July 19, 2009

Deonte`s Top 5 Songs This Week

Sorry So Late this Week!!!! Been Busy Y'all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So What you guys been bumping to this week lol.

Deonte Top 5 Songs This Week

This girl Melanie Fiona is the truth... I love her music... as you can see she dominated my top 5 songs this week lol..... Ledisi's new song "Goin Thru Changes" is HOT!!!!!!! She has become on my my new favorites over this pass year, thanks to my boo. ...... I, for some reason have a new liking for this Beyonce` song "Sweet Dreams"..... turn the lights ON!!!! LOL..... have a great week guys.....


Dusty Boot said...

Same thing as last week, and the week before. I'm too lazy to change the CD changer.... lol.

speaking hypothetically said...

Top 5 ipod jamz

1. Madcon - Beggin

2. Maxwell - Playing Possum

3. The Fray - Heartless

4. N.E.R.D - Maybe

5. Melanie Fiona - Teach Him


deonte' k said...

Dusty Boot: Get that together buddy lol.. ;)

speaking hypothetically: We love the same stuff as usual lol.. ;)

Jeff0418 said...

1. Ginuwine-Last Chance 2. Gwen Stefani-what are you waiting for 3. Michael Jackson -Rock with you 4. Michael Jackson& Janet Jackson- Scream 5.Vanessa Williams- Dreamin

deonte' k said...

Jeff: don't try to comment now lol... ;)

thanks buddy lol...

Jon said...

1. Maxwell - Help Somebody
2. Janet Jackson - You
3. Ciara - Work
4. Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal
5. Jack Johnson - Middle Man

PRIMO said...

Aaliyah - Extra Smooth

Aaliyah - Read Between The Lines

Aaliyah - I Can Be

Aaliyah - More Than A Woman

Chris Brown - Flame Thrower

I cant stop listening to Aaliyah..... She was so ahead of all these bitches out today.... Her 3rd Album "Aaliyah" has been in heavy rotation for me these last couple weeks..... The Shit is just so ahead of its time and killing anything out right now....

[jei.lamar] said...

WHOOOHOOOO I like them ^^^^^^^ Aaliyah is ALWAYS in heavy rotation in my iTunes shuffle...

but I agree with you Deonte, Melanie Fiona's CD is AMAZING! I say its the musical love child of Raphael Saadiq's "The Way I See It" & Laurny Hill's "The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill"

1.I Am Not A Whore-LMFAO
2.On Point-Electrik Red
3.Johnny-Melanie Fiona
4. Bang- Melanie Fiona
5. Shot- LMFAO feat Lil John

deonte' k said...

Jon: Cool cool list...

PRIMO: I love that CD boy, and yes I agree.

[jei.lamar]: yes Melanie Fiona is the truth.

slimm215 said...

right now i'm listening to
1. Windowdipper - Jib Kidder
2. When Love Takes Over - David Guetta Ft. Kelly Rowland
3. Pretty Wings - Maxwell
4. On My Own - Chrisette Michelle
5. Right Side Of My Brain - The Dream

BuddahDesmond said...

I'm playing these tracks like crazy:
1) Maxwell - Bad Habits
2) Leona Lewis - Misses Glass
3) Christina Milian - Us Against The World
4) The-Dream - Fancy
5) Ryan Leslie - Quicksand

speaking hypothetically said...

ok i just got turned on to jack johnson ;)

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