Thursday, March 5, 2009

America's Next Top Model, Cycle 12 Episode 1: What Happens in Vegas; Fun and Games

Hey everyone. We are back to the countdown to America's Next Top Model. I'm so excited. So far the show was cool. Already one of the chicks are getting on my last nerve, and she is Sandra. SEND HER HOME PLEASE!!! LOL. 12 more girls to go!

I Like this photo!

It's OK!!!!

Don't like her, plus it's ugly LOL.

Not Feeling It!!!!

Not Impressed.

*Shakes head*

Now I like this one! She's about the only one who's photo I actually liked alot. My pick of the week!


Just Terrible.

What was going on?

I think she's cute. I liked it.

Nope, not feeling it!

I think it's cool. She has alot of potential.

Looks like a bug eyed fool LMAO!

I hope they bring it next week. & Sandra needs to go home NOW!!!


Anonymous said...

hahahaha, I havent started watching it usually always late in the end..

how are you?

slimm215 said...

well i seen some of the show and i don't like Sandra ass either. She is a bitch for now damn reason is she is not that good. Chick can't walk and she is not hot. But when they send her ass home maybe you'll run into her ass since she is from MD. lol I will say MD be representin on ANTM even though they don't win or last long. lmao but at least we KEEP gettin represented.

Mr. Jones said...

Has this bullshit really been on for 12 years? That's not possible, is it?

Jeff0418 said...

LOL these girls in this cycle better be glad you are not a judge...Because this season would be over b4 it started!!!

speaking hypothetically said...


deonte' k said...

Oyin: Let catch up girl lol.. ;)

slimm215: LOL... Right... ugly self.. and if I see her I would say.. u made me sick on ANTM LOL.

Mr. Jones: Not 12 years lol... they do like 2 a year lol.

Jeff0418: Right lol.

speaking hypothetically: LOL... we didn't even text about this because we weren't feeling it did we? lol ;)

[jei.lamar] said...

OH EM GEE D, I hate Sandra ass 2, I've noticed that all them fucks from Nigeria think they shit don't stink...& WTF's up with her hair?!?!?...... my 3 favs are Aminat (she reminds me of Danielle from cycle 6); Celia, idk what it is about her but she's very different & when she walked out in her swimsuit i was like WOW, her body is amazing and she has a good walk....and my 3rd is Fo...she's soo cute, & she has a nice body..... & just for fun a toss up, I think Tahila is cute 2 & has a nice lil body...

Xem VanAdams said...

Me and My Best Female Friend, SHEVONNE, have AGREED that we HATE Sandra's Ass. We will MISS it tonight because Im decorating Shevonne's New House, but UGH!...and embarrassingly, she's from HERE.

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