Monday, January 19, 2009

The Best Album of 2008 was..........

Mary J. Blige - Growing Pains
The time frame I used to distinguish this was from November 2007 - November 2008. I hate when someone just release a album, and it's titled album of the year, and it has not even been out long enough to get that title lol. My opinion is based on albums that were release, and out for a good amount of time.

I think this one of Mary's best albums ever! This CD is just phenomenal to me man. She killed every song. And it's one of those albums that you can just play, and listen to every song without skipping through the CD. With this CD you get to experience a much more mature & happy Mary. Alot of people say, "I like the Old Mary. The My Life Mary." But you know what I love this Mary. Yes "My Life" was the CD. But when you listen to that CD, then listen to this one, you can definitely appreciate this album so much more. All the real Mary fans that has grown with her, understands this album, and how important it is for her to be where she is with this album right now. This was the best album of 2008. And I can't wait for Ms. Mary J. Blige to release another album. It's like she's a brand new artist on the scene just doing her thing. There is really no competition when it comes to her! There is no one that started in the game when she did, that's still killing it like she does now.

Runner up albums:

Alicia Keys - As I Am

Who don't love Alicia Keys? LOL... This CD was like a healing tool for me around the time it came out. It is a great CD. I don't think it's her best CD, but it's definitely a good one. I remember when I used to put this CD on my Ipod, and just jog around the track. Alicia voice was like cough syrup to a cold in my ears lol.

Leona Lewis - Spirit

This damn girl can sang!!!! I love this CD. I tell you this, she was the best New Artist of 2008. Her CD takes me back to the days when singers like Mariah Carey & Whitney Houston actually put out albums where they sing songs without all the hip hop influenced sounds or beats. This was a perfect Cd, and I wore these songs out on this album through out my blog postings this year lol.

Duffy - Rockferry

OMG. My boy Darrick put me on about this girl, and I got into her CD, and it blew me away. Her voice is so tantalizing. It makes you want more, and more of her. Her album is a must have.

Carrie Underwood - Carnival Ride

The queen of sales when it comes to American Idol. This girl kills it in the country world. Her album is like a breath of fresh air when I listen to it. Love the stories country music tells. And she sings them exceptionally.

Jennifer Hudson - Jennifer Hudson

O my baby finally got her album out towards the end of the summer, and I was so excited and glad she did. This album gave people mixed reviews, based on what people where expecting from the big voice diva, but once you got passed that, you realise this CD is a really great album. I love the album. Too bad her promotion for it came to a end due to the tragedies that occurred in her family this pass holiday season. But I hear she's back to work, and ready to get it cracking again. I love me some Jennifer. I wish her the best, and I'm glad she's pulling through the best way she can.

So what were some of your favorite albums in 2008?

And you guys better believe that my two girls will be on my list next year (Brandy & Beyonce`) lol... I feel their albums were just released less than 2 months ago, so I won't count them this time lol. ;)


Darius T. Williams said...

You've got some good ones - but Alicia Keys should have been #1 - that was her BEST SHIT to date! Oh and well, I'm showing mad Chicago love w/Jennifer Hudson!

deonte' k said...

Darius T. Williams: yes her CD was great!!!! But Mary Is # 1 LMAO.... ;)

JHud is the truth!!!!!!!!! :)

speaking hypothetically said...

Mary yes def #1, JHud awesome album most anticipated of 08...Duffy i loooove.

deonte' k said...

speaking hypothetically: I agree lol ;)

Denisha said...

I believe that Mary J's 'My Life' CD was her greatest album she made. As far as the greatest album of the year? I have to go with A.Keys, since my baby momma J-Hud didn't come out until the end of the summer dude. Then Mary J. Blige Cd is the runner up.

Anonymous said...

Well I love Jazmine Sullivan and Jennifer Hudson. Also, John Legend.

deonte' k said...

Denisha: An that's fine lil' girl LMAO! ;)

Romey: Jazmine CD was a nice CD!

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