Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I just wanted to say Merry Christmas to everyone. Today is Christmas Eve, and I will be going to Baltimore to spend some time with some friends, and family. So this will be my last blog until Monday. So I hope you all be safe, and have a wonderful Holiday.

What are some of yours plans?

Normally I would do my top 5 songs of the week on Thursday, but that's Christmas so I decided to do them one day earlier. So here they are. (Click songs titles to download)

1. Beyonce - Trust In Me
2. Beyonce - I'd Rather Go Blind
3. Keri Hilson - Promise In The Dark
4. Beyoncé - Hello
5. Britney Spears - Mannequin

What's on your Top songs list?

Oh by the way last night I went to see Ledisi at Rams Head Onstage in Annapolis and she killed it. Her Christmas CD is really good. Check it out y'all.

OK one more thing before I leave. I wanted to leave you guys with one of my favorite Christmas songs sung by Tamyra Gray.

Tamyra Gray - Silent Night
(download link)


Allan said...


Lyrically speaking said...

I am enjoying many songs lately, must agree with you about Beyonce's latest, but also Brandy's latest "long distance" it's a beautiful, sensual video and song. Stay blessed, enjoying your blog :)

Bombchell said...


i got nothing planned

deonte' k said...

Allan: :) thanks buddy!

Lyrically speaking: Aww thank u, and YES I LOVE BRANDY... she is my fav... and that song was # 9 on my list! ;)

Bombchell: Well have a great Christmas Anyway. ;)


fluxlife said...

cool blog! the fluxlife blog is diggin' your blog! thanks for keepin' tabs on what's goin' on in music, entertainment, & life. we like!


-steve @ fluxlife

P.S. we dig your blog so much, we gave you a follow!

thegayte-keeper said...


Acoustic Soul said...

Merry Christmas Dude!

[jei.lamar] said...

Merry Christmas D!!!!!!!!! my top 5 is kinda depressing bcz EVERY station I turned 2 it was a SAD christmas song sooooo yea

D-Place said...

Happy Holidays! Wishing you all the best. I love Ledisi!! Just had to say it.

Deewan said...

Merry X-mas D.....hope u're having a great time with the fam on this holiday season.

I'm here down in the bayou,,,lol (Louisiana)...celebrating christmas with some friends.And in luv with brandy's new song "True".

Robyn said...

before i forget,been on this blog for a few months and i love the posts ohh n happy new year.God bless you,D.

deonte' k said...

fluxlife: Awww thanks! ;)

thegayte-keeper: :) Hope U enjoyed ur Holiday!

Acoustic Soul: Merry Xmas Re Re. ;)

[jei.lamar]: Aww lol

D-Place: She is great! ;)

Deewan: Yes I love Brandy!!!!! Thanks buddy!

Robyn: Aww thanks man, I truly appreciate that man. :)

Happy New Year to U too!!!! ;)

Anonymous said...

o merry was yours?

deonte' k said...

Oyin: LMAO @ merry belated.... It was cool, hope urs was too! ;)

LudaKhris said...

I already talked to you but merry belated Christmas anyway...

Just came in to say boo brandy lmao

Darius T. Williams said...

OH, let's see - I really didn't do a damn thing actually - just some work for everydaycookin!

Um, you said Chicago is too far - I'm not taking that for an answer - you've got more than 5 months to make it happen...I wanna see u and ur boo in Chicago in May - do u understand me, lol? I ain't playin...

Jeff0418 said...

I enjoyed speding time with my family and a few friends...

mountii said...

you know how rare it is to find black men who share my taste for Britney Spears...u have made my day

Sexxy Luv said...

you got to see Ledisi?!? i love her and her music!

*sad face* you didn't envite me.

deonte' k said...

LudaKhris: Leave my Brandy ALONE!!! LOL

Darius T. Williams: I understand DTW!! lol

Jeff0418: Good ;)

mountii: I love me some Britney ;)

Sexxy Luv: I do too now, and my boo took me, so be mad at him OK. LOL

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