Friday, November 14, 2008

Happy FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This morning I saw something I never wish I did. I saw a big dog get ran over. Poor thing. It was so sad. Just messed me up for the day.

Yesterday I got a new job so I'm happy about that. Been looking for a minute. Glad about that. Thanks to God I made it threw a very tough time I've been experiencing.

Not to sure what my weekend is looking like. I got a few photo shoots coming up (hopefully). I'm really in a great place right now in my life. I'm surrounded by wonderful people. I have some of the best friends & family ever.

I think I'm falling in love y'all LMAO... More on that later he he ;)!!!!

I'm feeling this Prince song. I dance my butt off to this LMAO. Whoever Chelsea Roger's is, she has them singing their lips off about her lol.

Prince - Chelsea Rodgers (Download Link)

Have a great weekend folks. Be safe!!!!!!

What do some of u got planned?


Bombchell said...

[gasp] how horrid!!! about the dog

oooh goodluck w/ the new j o b

love, sweet love, gosh i need this ass i know to fall. lol

TCeezy00 said...

Have a great weekend man!

[jei.lamar] said...

awwwwwwwwww poor doggie....i seen that once b4 with a low van...YUCKIE!!!...but good luck with the new job and it's great to hear that you're coming out of that funk you were in.... and i'll tell you what you should do 4 the weekend....


[jei.lamar] said...

BLAH!!! it didnt line like i wanted it 2 (like the movie poster)..

Sexxy Luv said...

the kiddies and myself expierence the same situation with a dog about 6 months ago, messed my babies up!

i have plans on hanging out at chuck e cheese this weekend! lol

congrats with the new gig boo!

be happy and enjoy your beau! :)

Deewan said...

I never seen a dog get run over but i've seen a Squirrel get run over and man did that haunt me for a day or two....

Congrats again on yo new job...just dont forget to take me to lunch on

imma work tomorrow morning and will try to catch a movie in da afternoon....The new James Bond or Madagascar.

have a great weekend D

Acoustic Soul said...

I have a lodge meeting in the morning. Then in the afternoon I'm taking my kid to pick out his choice for his senior pictures.

Sunday church. Thinking about inviting my family over for dinner. Not sure.

I'm glad you got a job lil buddy.

Falling in love? With my little brother? Oh lawd. I guess I'll welcome you into the family.

You know who Chelsea is. Ain't that Chi Chi's sister?

D-Place said...

Congratulations on the new job!

deonte' k said...

Bombchell: LMAO... make him fall lol ;)

TCeezy00: thanks buddy!

[jei.lamar]: Wanted to see that but got caught up doing alot lol.

Sexxy Luv: Thanks babe girl... and poor kiddies.

Deewan: Yeah me and my babe may see on of those. And Squirrels get ran over all day everyday lol.

Acoustic Soul: LMAO, what family? U will have to get welcomed into ours lol. And Chi Chi has no recollection of Chelsea LOL.

D-Place: Thanks buddy!!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Poor doggie! :(

That's a blessing that you are now employed, especially with the way that the economy is at this point... I thank God for that too. ^_^

And aww... you're in love! It's seems that God is just continuing to bless you and show you all of the greater things in life. I'm so happy for you, hun. :D

deonte' k said...

Xivinrah.: Awww thanks buddy ;)

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