Thursday, November 20, 2008

America's Next Top Model Is...................


The Runner Ups!!!!!!

Samantha 2nd Place
Analeigh 3rd Place

I was really excited about last nights show. I have to say I hated the runway show. Ugh.... In my opinion I could have walked that thing better than both of the girls shoot LMAO ;)

But I was happy it was Mckey & Samatha as the final 2. And just like I said Mckey should win, and she did!!!!!!!! ;).... until next season of America's Next Top Model... I got one question.... DO U WANNA BE ON TOP????? Nananan Nananana nananan (Tyra spinning in the opening credits LOL).... have a great day everyone! ;)


slimm215 said...

well i missed the entire season since i don't get to watch much tv anymore. thats good and bad. but i will say i like all 3 of those cover girl shots. they all look great. i was wanting Analeigh to win from the beginning but hey at least she made it to third place.

deonte' k said...

slimm215: yes we know u been missing it buddy ;)

Acoustic Soul said...

This season has been a sleeper. I knew McKey was gonna win. She's the only one that even slightly resembles a model. I haven't watched in a very long time. I think since Isis left.

speaking hypothetically said...


Jeff0418 said...

thas my Girl, Congrats McKey!!!!!

The Voice of DemondMaurice said...

I am happy that McKey won, but for me she was clearly going to win. Each week her pictures were getting better and better. Every time she showed up for judging she was the only won that looked like a model. After so many cycles I still don't understand why some of the girls show up to judging looking a mess.

After Isis left the show there was nothing really exciting about it. I was proud of her for making the breakthrough on the show, but I was over her d*ck issues. I mean we know you got one so if it falls out tell them to hold up a sec and adjust ya nutts.

That finale runway was the worst. I thought it was something from Dr. Seuss. If I was the designer those girls would not have been running my gowns like that.

Oh well that's my lil quick review.

[jei.lamar] said...

I'm glad Mckey won she came a looong way, bcz I so thought she wasn't gonna make it that far with all the boxing poses.....but i LOVE her covergirl photo........& what's with Tyra being so all up in herself that she can't take pics WITH the winners no more...they have 2 photoshop her in...just SAD!

deonte' k said...

Acoustic Soul: Yes I agree with what you said about Mckey!

speaking hypothetically: We did lmao.

Jeff0418: She's all mines LOL

The Voice of DemondMaurice: hollering laughing lol... I agree with thr Isis comment lol.

[jei.lamar]: I don't know why she didn't take a pic with her!

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