Friday, October 17, 2008

Deonte`s Top 5 Songs This Week & Yes It's Friday Again Y'all.... YaY!!!!!!!

OK. So yesterday I didn't post my top 5 songs as normal, but that's only because the upload page I normally upload my songs to, so u guys can download them is having problems. But I decided to list them anyway. Here they are:

1. Jennifer Hudson - Giving Myself

2. Ne-Yo - Fade Into The Background

3. Ne-Yo - Stop This World

4. Ciara - Go Girl (Ft. T-Pain) (this is the SHIT!!!!!!!!!! LOL)

5. Jennifer Hudson - For Real (A song left off the album, that should have been on there)

What are u listening to this week?

So yes it's Friday, and I know folks are crazy excited about that right??? LOL......Y'all know I ramble on Fridays. So here it is.

Well this weekend I'm totally going to go see the "The Secret Life of Bees." Who else is going?????

Also I have to say when I saw Janet Wednesday night, I was so excited. She killed it. For her to be 42, She was kicking it, better than some 20 year olds, and I don't care what people say about Janet. She is still a legend, and I love her work, and support her stuff. Shout out to my Cuz for sharing this experience with me. Love you!!! ;)

Here are 2 covers to Beyonce's new album coming out November 18th.

What do you think? The 1st one is "I Am Sasha Fierce" Regular Album Cover & the 2nd "I Am Sasha Fierce" Deluxe Album Cover

And as promised here is another photo my special friend DMaurice took of me a few weeks ago.

And I'm sad to announce Brandy album has been pushed back until December 9th. Not happy about that at all LOL.

Anyway everyone enjoy your weekend and be safe. Peace ;)

SO what u got planned?


slimm215 said...

Single Ladies- Beyonce' this song got me dancin again.
My Foolish Heart- Jazmine Sullivan
Fade Into the Background- Ne-yo
After The Hurricane- Jazmine Sullivan
Feel My Love- Adele

i'll be freakin workin all weekend. UGH!!!!!!!

[jei.lamar] said...

they also pushed Keri Hilson & Ciara's album back to Dec. 9th as well.... but i'm bumping

Fantasia-Only One U


Beyonce-Single Ladies

Intro-Come Inside

Craig David-Personal

deonte' k said...

slimm215: Yeah I know ur hating having to work!!!!!!!!! LoL

[jei.lamar]: I've heard that too!!!!

Nobody not really... said...

I have a weird playlist:

Brandy: First & Love

Michelle Williams: The Greatest

Mary J. Blige: Work That

50 Cent: Amusement Park

Lil' Wayne: Mrs. Officer

Sexxy Luv said...

you know they pushing everyone's album back cause no one wants to come out with Bey cause she'll kill em! lol

love the picture of you, you are so photogenic! :)

I'm going to the circus and to see that movie as well.

have agreat weekend hun! :)

Mitchell said...

luv the pics man..u always look so cute

my top 5 are

1. Quickly (John legend and MY wife Brandy, lol)
2. Single Ladies (Beyonce)
3. Sweet Nothings (Brandy)
4. Live your life (T.I. feat. Ri Ri)
5. First & Love (Brandy)

Acoustic Soul said...

1) Miss Independent (Remix) Ne-Yo, Jamie Foxx & Fabolous

2) Bust Your WindowsJazmine Sullivan

3) If I Were A Boy Beyonce

4) These Three Words Stevie Wonder

5) Pocketbook Robert Trapp

deonte' k said...

Nobody not really: It's not weird lol

Mitchell: thanks lol... and ur WIFE, well when did Brandy divorce me lol. ;)

Acoustic Soul: Roles eyes... im tired of ur list already LMAO!

Darius T. Williams said...

Me? I'm supposed to be at six flags tomorrow - but I doubt I'm going.

Um, I'm going to see the movie for sure - BUT you should have read the book so you could be a part of our book club discussion. Boo to you...mkay?

Mitchell said...

Oh yea... i guess they didn't tell you that that marriage didn't count cuz technically she was still with me, lol

thegayte-keeper said...

this weekend is all about my babes gonna spend it do everything and nothing with him...

deonte' k said...

Darius T. Williams: LoL.... Well I been busy reading my other book club books buddy lol.

Mitchell: Well, I'm wearing the ring babe boy. LoL

thegayte-keeper: Me too lol...well that's who I'm doing all these things with lol ;)

deonte' k said...

Sexxy Luv: Thanks boo, And U may be right about this Beyonce` thing. ;)

Will said...

Yeah, I was looking forward to Brandy's CD coming out too. I'm disappointed as well.

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