Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Albums In Stores 2day

John Legend - Evolver

Pink - Funhouse
Are you getting any of these 2day?


slimm215 said...

OMG John Legend cd is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hot. I love him. i've been listening to him all night. his voice is so soothing and the songs are just hot. punk i know you would be happy to know he even as a song with that Brandy chick you love so much. naw but they do have a song. I already have a favorite song. "Everybody knows" "This Time" "If You're Out There". ok i just about love them all but those are my favs right off the jump. didn't get pink yet. i'll get here this weekend. gotta budget. lol

Darius T. Williams said...

Nah - I'm gonna be downloading it this weekend. You KNOW I don't buy CD's - lol.

Anonymous said...

well Im not a fan of either...so Im like darius if I want to listen to it I would download it from limewire.

deonte' k said...

slimm215: yes punk. U should know I knows when my wife is working with another man OK lol.

Darius T. Williams: I know and u should be ashamed LMAO sike, I must admit I do it too lol. SOMETIMES!!!

Kin'shar: LoL im telling the FBI on y'all lol. O I did say I do it to huh? Well nevermind lol.

Allan said...

LOL I got both last week (boy you know I got the hook up). I like Pink's Funhouse but I LOVE John Legend's Evolver (especially "Quickly feat. Brandy)

Cash S. said...

I'll be picking up John Legend. From what I hear its an "A+" :-)

I'll download Stink.

Sexxy Luv said...

Nope i will not be purchasing CD's this week (rent due) i will buy John Legend's later and download Pink's! lol

[jei.lamar] said...

I've had john since last week...& I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! I was in the record store 2day & saw Pink's album BUT....I put it down so I could pick up Kindred The Family Soul's album.....which i did NOT know they had....but i'll go get Pink's next week

Pajnstl said...

i was disappointed with Legends last disc. so i wont be getting this one. And for some reason ive never been a big Pink fan.


Anonymous said...

I gotta get John Legends CD... I hear he gotta a song with B-Rocka on it!!!

And I loves me some Pink. Not sure if I'm coppin this CD though. You turned me on her "So what" single and I downloaded to my media player at work, and be rocking out in my office. LOL. So... point me to another good song, and maybe I'll get it. I know you got it... what are your favs?

slimm215 said...

OMG Jei I didn't know Kindred had a new cd out. there last cd was hot. so like you that might make me push my pink purchase back even further. Sorry pink. And how could anybody be disappointed in Johns last cd. that cd was hot. OMG that comment gave me a headache. i have to go lay down now.

deonte' k said...

Allan: Yes I know boy LoL

Cash S.: Stink??? Meany LOL

Sexxy Luv: LoL.. I love you!

[jei.lamar]: U better go back and get it too lol.

Pajnstl: Pink is HOT!!! LoL ;)

Gotta Let it Out yes our woman is on it lol... Haven't fully listened to Pink yet, but will get back to u on it ok. ;)

slimm215: Alot of people said they didn't like the last John buddy LoL.

speaking hypothetically said...

purchased JL cd today...Very Nice!

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