Monday, September 15, 2008

Fashion/Style: Beyonce's.......

................. Tony Duran photoshoot!

What do u guys think about this shoot?

I'm loving most of the photos!!!!!!


speaking hypothetically said...


slimm215 said...

Even though i'm tired of Beyonce and her fashion shoots i actually like these. well most of them anyway. most of the clothes are hot.

Acoustic Soul said...

I'm not really diggin' the pix

Cash S. said...

She's not smiling with her eyes!!

They're okay. Though the one in the purple dress, red purse, and huge gold necklace draws my attention.

I still think she needs a year (or two) off, but I'm interested in hearing the new material.

[jei.lamar] said...

exactly what you said...MOST of the ones where she look like she in Missy Elliott's old trashbag need 2 be wiped outta photo history.....& what's with photographers putting her in front of white walls & stuff? or is that HER new thing she's trying 2 do..the only ones i like are the last 2

Sexxy Luv said...

i really like them except for the big baggy pants, other then that they are all beautiful, i like how she is on something else!

iCandy21 said...

beyonce is the shit and ion care what anyone says about it. I love beyonce lol omg! these pictures are hot and she looks so beautiful as always!

Moanerplicity said...

wow! these are CRAZY hot-tah. the B-girl has one of those faces that can easily transform to most any age or any look & still make it work. i think she proved that in Dreamgirls & it will continue as she portrays Etta James.


deonte' k said...

Acoustic Soul: I didn't think u would. People with no taste normally don't LMAO!!!!!! ;)

Cash S.: lmao... smiling with her eyes LOL... ok Tyra junior.

[jei.lamar]: LMAO @ the " Missy Elliott's old trashbag"

Sexxy Luv: me too babe girl!

iCandy21: high 5 girl LMAO!!!!!

slimm215: say it again slimm lol

speaking hypothetically: which one so I can tell her to fix it lmao

Moanerplicity: Speak brother lol

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