Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Fashion/Style: Beyonce`......

.......... BEYONCE Covers The UK MARIE CLAIRE

What do u guys think?

It's just alright to me. Her body looks great, her face is beautiful. I think it's the hair that's not doing it for me. Just wished it was a little different! But it's whatever. She's my 2nd wife, so she's still fly lol. ;)

I heard her 1st single is set to leak as early as next week. So get ready Beyonce fans (and haters LMAO)..... Beyonce is back and ready to shock! (Did y'all catch that on the magazine headline under her name lol.)

This is going to be a great winter. My two wives are releasing albums (the other one is Brandy, if you didn't already know lol)...... Oh I can't wait lol. I got a 3rd wife too, but y'all not ready for her so I will tell you about her some other time ha ha ha!!!!!!!


Sexxy Luv said...

they were going for the sleek look...some ig curls would have set this off to perfection! I love her either way, she's my 1st wife! lmao

i love the song that her and solange have together. :)

deonte' k said...

Sexxy Luv: LMAO.... see that's why she's my 2nd wife, because she's always cheating.... now I know where she is when she's not home LOL ;)... u got me laughing hard @ work, babe girl. ;)

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