Thursday, September 4, 2008

America's Next Top Model, Cycle 11 Episode 1:The Notorious Fierce Fourteen (Photos)

OK everybody. My show came on last night an I must admit it was quite interesting. 1st and foremost, I didn't like the way they were treating Isis. They were straight up hating on her. Most of the chicks that was talking their trash got sent home lol. Remember the girl with the glasses??? Plus the 1st girl to leave the house. Oh how she got on my last nerve. Walking around saying "I'm America's Next Top Model." No, your the next chick on the plane back home to your momma. Ooohh some of these girls make me sick already. But I love Isis's attitude towards them though. She kepted it together really well. Because I would have probably pulled out my stuff, and told them to all suck it since they wanna see or joke about it sooo much. Well anyway I think its going to be a great season. Who are you feeling, not feeling, or what are your opinions on the entire 1st episode in general.

She's BACK!!!! LOL (I Just love me Some Tyra)

When I saw this photo I was like, Tyra you better carry that mail babe LMAO. LOVE THIS PHOTO!!!! It's going on my Myspace page. LOL

I love when Tyra take the themed photos as the girls do every week!

This week was about making voting look sexy!

I like!!!! ;)

Ugh!!!! Don't Like!

Hmmm... Don't like either!

U know, this photo don't look as bad as it did last night on TV! But her attitude stinked so I'm glad she went her ass home!

Something Sexy about this girl. I like her, and the pic is sorta sexy.

I like her. The other girls gave her a hard time, but I'm rooting for her. Something about her I like. Can't quite put my finger on it yet. Cool pic too.

A mess!!!!!!!

Tyra said this was the best picture of the bunch! I disagree. It's OK, but not HOT!.. plus this girl nerves is so bad that a fart would make her jump out a window.

Not all that, but its OK. Not to sure about all that boxing stuff she always doing lol.

Kinda Sexy, but not quite there yet.

Now she looks good!!! ;)

A hot mess. Plus this is one of the chicks I know I'm not going to like. She's a hater and she better watch it lol.

She's weird. Not really feeling this picture. She kinda looks like Julia Stiles to me. Not here, but on the show.

Looks like a broom stick with a trash bag on. Not feeling it @ all.

Now this was the photo of the bunch. I love it! She really surprised me. Sexy!!!!!!!! Everything about this photo is on point. Strong face, and body form is great.

Who will get the RED X next week???????? We will see!!!!!
Plus what was up with Whitney's My life as a cover girl story. Why wasen't she on runways and stuff lol.


Watch the full 1st Episode here if u missed the season Premier on Weds. ;)

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Cash S. said...

I MISSED IT!!!!!!!!!!! :-(

My first class started last night :-(

Lucky a friend of mine has Tivo (I have yet to order mine), so I'll be over there this weekend watching :-)

I think that girl you x'd is from Chicago.

speaking hypothetically said...

I was pleased with the first episode kinda thought the space theme was corny but o well. I have Favs Brittany, Sheena, Isis and maybe another i dont remember right now.Cycle 11 is going to be very Interesting I'm loving Tyra for giving Isis a chance to pursue the title and trying to open the door for other trans people to enter the modeling world, was annoyed at the chicks that hated on Isis from The begining but she got the 2nd photo in the end *loved that right in their face* yeah im excited to see how this season turns out.

(excuse all typos typing from blackberry in a hurry lol)

deonte' k said...

Cash S.: Didn't we agree that u were quiting school lol. ;)... and I don't care where that fool is from. she made me mad lol.

deonte' k said...

speaking hypothetically: it's cool buddy, I do the same thing on my sidekick lol.... I'm excited to see how this season turns out too.

Sexxy Luv said...

I like Isis photo the best!

i may have to check ANTM out....seems pretty interesting!

deonte' k said...

Sexxy luv: babe girl that's the show.... I'm going to post the link to watch it online later :)

[jei.lamar] said...

I am SOO glad she's gone because she had a SERIOUS attitude and just KNEW she was the competition kinda like ole girl who talked like Rosie Perez who got sent home the first night on cycle 8 I think......

but uhm Mckey is gonna get on my nerves with those damn boxer poses....

& yes Joslyn did surprise me 2, she had me laughing @ her the whole night....

and Hannah...poor poor Hannah, we all know that gossip girl is her favorite show....but yea she does has the stick figure down....

and D, I like Analeigh for some reason her nose is cute to me...kinda pound puppy-is....

Elina....she's an uuber dyke....and the WHOLE NIGHT i watched the show I could NOT stop thinking about her as she acts just like her.

I haven't picked my top 3 but just know that Brittany is definitely in it..

oh B.T.W.....WTF's up with Marjorie can we say home schooled jungle freak!?!?!?

Xem VanAdams-Lumumba said...

The World already KNOWS how I feel about this NonSense.

THARULA said...

Umm let me find out you're trying to be a fan cuz everybody knows that show is a drug to I totally agree with everything you said even with joslyns photo. I have that same photo on my screen saver. thats going to be my new thing which is to post the best photo on my wallpaper.

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