Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New Music: Tweet - Hey Baby

I love this song by Tweet. It reminds me of some oldie but goodies type of stuff my mom would listen to. I heard her album is supposed to be dropping near the end of the year. So look out for it. And she looks great in this photo may I add lol.

What do you think about the song?

Tweet - Hey Baby (Download Link)


Cash S. said...

Definitely an oldies feel. I like it. It probably won't be a single, but most of the songs I loved by her weren't singles lol.

slimm215 said...

Haven't heard the song yet since i'm responding from the bus stop waiting to go home from work. lol need SOMETHING to do as I wait this hour for the bus plus i know will love the song anyway cause i love Tweet. Me and her go way back since OOPS i'm not supposed to tell you all that. lol

AcousticSoul said...

I like Tweet. I liked her old stuff, but when she was working with Missy and Tim, she had some hits, but I didn't really think that was her style.

Ever since she cut those ties, I'm liking her even more.

I think I'd have to hear this song with the compilation of the other songs on the disk, but it's cool.

Sexxy Luv said... you think you can share your top 5 with us on zshare?.... that is the only way i listen to music. lol PLEASE!!!!!!!

Promiscuous X said...

Im feeling the song. Its something I can mellow out to after a long day at work wit a drink in my hand, lights down low and just relax. I love her voice and I have both albums and the 1st album is the best. Dam Smokn Cigarettes is my shit lol

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