Friday, August 22, 2008

It's Friday... AGAIN!!!!!!!!

OK so last weekend wore me out y'all. I went to a best friend bday party and had a great time. Went to the movies to see "Mirrors," which I was slightly disappointed in. It was nothing close to what I expected. But I love watching Paula Patton. She is so Beautiful!!!!! Also I visited a good friend, and had a great time. So I guess this weekend I will go see The House Bunny with a special someone. ;)


I also wanted to thank everyone who comes to my page, and read my blogs. In return I wanna shoutout some of you personally. They have some of the coolest blogs ever, and no matter what they always show me love:

Darius T. Williams (love this guy...he's funny, and can cook is butt off)

Sexxy Luv (sexy sexy SEXY!!!!!!!!! love your personality)

Cash S. (I can just tell your going to be my America's Next Top Model Buddie this season lol)

slimm215 (one of my best friends. he doesen't blog much... but when he does it's interesting lol)

AcousticSoul (OH LAWD!!!!!!! what can I say about this one lol... great guy... LONG blogs, but you will get health tips, wisdom (eye up in head) lol, and some tunes over at his blog. We are still chanting for the one blog photo of you Z. ;)

[jei.lamar] (my blogs aren't complete without a comment from this one and only indivisaul. lol... when I look at a post, an I see I only have only one comment, trust and believe it's my boy [jei.lamar] LMAO ((hugs))

Mckinley & deejuana83 (these 2 don't have blogs, but they are my family members who comes here just to see me because they just love me lol) ;)

and last but not least my boy Xem VanAdams-Lumumba (I freaking love this guy! if you haven't seen his now popular videos Young, Black & GAY in America Parts 1 & 2, well here is your chance to check them out below:

Part 1

Part 2

I truly appreciate him for these video's. So glad to have him as a good friend. Good luck buddy with everything, and know your friends got your back. Most importantly, keep inspiring people, and keep believing in your dream. Your voice not only speaks for yourself, but for alot of others who feels like you do about being Young Gay & black in America!

ONE more thing.............. WHO OUT THERE IS FEELING Solange like I am??????? Her music is the shhhhhhhhh!!!!!! Love her CD!!!!!!!!!!!



deejuana83 said...

Thanks Cuzo...Have a great weekend too ;)

Cash S. said...

Yesss... I haven't missed a single season of ANTM lol. I certainly don't want to miss this one.

Guess I'll wait for Mirrors to come out on DVD.

I'm looking forward to Solange's CD as well. I like what I've heard thus far. She has a nice voice and is trying to make a name for herself outside of just being ole girls sister lol.

Thanks for the shout out!

[jei.lamar] said...

awwwww thanx D!!! & u know i'm always here because i'm addicted to your blogs & I have no life!! & see I we need to be in the same area bcz my friends are LAME & they never wanna go 2 the movies with me sooooo im going by my lonesome to see House Bunny, Death Race, & Tropic Thunder!!!!! but yea I can't wait for Solange album!! :D :D

[jei.lamar] said...
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Acoustic Soul said...

I'm very surprised and pleased with Solange. I have never been much of a fan of hers, but she is winning me over, big time!

I was planning on going to see Mirrors with Crisitan. If I tell him you didn't like it much, he'll still want to go, so I'll tell you what I thought about it.

Thanks for the shout out Deonté K. You know I gotta come by here and get a good laugh, make you laugh or catch up on all them damn pictures of J.Hud and Rihanna.

Sexxy Luv said...

awww...thanks for showing love! I love your blog, you are so on top of things around this way and i love it!

as far as Solange....she is doing big thangs! i love it! :)

keep doin' you and i'll be sure to check out that book and the others you featured on your spot!

Eb the Celeb said...

yes I am love loving solange right now... I saw her last night in city hall park for the j&r music festival and she killed it... I am loving F the industry T.O.N.Y and I told ya so... those are my jamz... I am trying to upload videos and pics from the show now so I cant post them

Darius T. Williams said...

Thanks for the shout out - and um, yea - I love Xem.

deonte' k said...

deejuana83: your welcome cuz!! thanks ;)

Cash S.: ur welcome & yes I've never missed a show either. And don't plan to. lol

[jei.lamar]: boy we would have fun ;)... and ur welcome!!

Acoustic Soul: LMAO @ all them damn pictures of J.Hud and Rihanna.... they take some of the hottest photos.. what can I say.... and you know ur my boy so ur welcome.

Sexxy Luv: ur welcome babe girl ;)

Eb the Celeb: why didn't you call me I would have love to seen her lol ;)... I'm loving her right now... F the industry is hot, T.O.N.Y., Cosmic Journey (ft. Bilal) just to name a few.... I will be getting that CD on tues. ;)

Darius T. Williams: Everyone loves Xem lol... and ur welcome buddy!!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey punk, you 4got bout my blog. :(

slimm215 said...

AWWWWWW I got a shout out. lemme find out you like me. Yea i think i might have a blog topic coming up soon. lol MAYBE

deonte' k said...

Romey: Aww punk, I didn't forget... I was just giving shoutouts too people that ALWAYS come to my page babe lmao ;)... see u gotta come vist ur Deonte` more often, then I can put u in my next shoutout list lol ((hugs))

slimm215: punk whatever!!!! lol, just get it together ok!!!!

deejuana83 said...

Big UPS to Xem VanAdams-Lumumba. Great work!!

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