Monday, August 11, 2008

I'm Going To Make A Damn Album......


Listen to him sing in the video:

Shine Through It Interview from ColRec on Vimeo.

It's official. Deonte` is going to pursue a music & acting career. That's it. Every ones a damn singer these days. LOL... now im not knocking Terrance for doing his thing. He is one of my favorites actors as well. It's just seems like everyone can sing or is a singer all of a sudden. Like the chick from TV show Hero's, Hayden Panettiere. She has a song on the radio now as well. My boy Prince Xem VanAdams-Lumumba did a blog about singers getting acting roles because of who they are, and not necessarily because they have acting talent. Well what about actors becoming singers? Because I think alot of actors have albums coming out only because of who they are as well. Not everyone can sing and act .

So what do you think about about Terrance music?? Are you feeling it in your souls? LMAO... I don't know. I love Terrance, and hes one of my favorites. But I would have to really listen to more of his stuff before I can say it all bad or good. All I know is Deonte` is about to cut record. Shoot if they can do it why not me. Put me up in a horror movie or something, and let me get killed in the beginning I don't care.

What do you this about this track? Sound like everything else they play on 106.5... that is a station somewhere in the DC or Maryland area. (I think)
Look out for my album out in 2010! It will be title, "I Can Sang TOO!!!! Sh*t" LMAO

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Mckinley said...

this is off the hook.

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