Thursday, August 28, 2008

deonte` k's TOP 20 SONGS This Week!

OK. So I know everyone is used to me just posting my top 5 songs of the week, but I decided to post my top 20 this week. Don't you just wonder after the 5th song what would be next on his list lol? Well here it is. I make myself a Deonte` top 20 songs (or whatever amount of songs fit on a 80 min disc, normally only 20 fit) CD every week. And I blast them in my Charger all around the Baltimore/DC area lol. So this will be the only time I do this, THIS year. The next list you will see like this will be my top 25 songs of 2008 coming in January 2009 lmao. Well anyway, these are the hottest 20 song in America right now in MY IPOD! Check them out. My friends always say I have a very eclectic taste in music.

(Click on song titles to listen/download)

Hmmm..... I wonder if you can come up with 20 of your tops songs right now right here???? LOL I would be extremely surprised if you could. ;)
So who are you all feeling right now? What are some of your top songs?

Happy Thursday!!!! Tomorrow is Friday YaY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL


Xem VanAdams-Lumumba said...

You Give LIFE and FanFare to the SAME People EVERY Week!

I WANT Next Week to be called, DEONTES TOP 5 'Out of His Box' Favorites.
You WILL Choose Artists Who ARENT Always Featured on Your 'Top-Lists'; MOST of whom DONT Deserve the Stature, and You will Give NEW Life to Your OUT-OF-BOX Picks.

PLEASE...For the Love of God and For the Pleasure of Making XEM Happy...



Got It?

...and Ladies and Gentlemen(LOL)...I Will Post the Smart Ass Text Message that Hes CLEARLY Gonna Send to My Phone AFTER Reading this...


deonte' k said...

Xem VanAdams-Lumumba: and Ladies and Gentlemen, he won't have to post the text im going to send him, because im posting it right here lol.... boy I will post whatever I want on this blog page ok.... don't u come over here making no rules for my page lol... I like these songs, and if I like them next week, I will repost again... I don't care if people or you like it lol... because at the end of the day this blog page is titled deonte` k's spot! and in my world they Deserve the Stature and I will continue to do this. So go stuff yourself in someone a** and leave me alone lol. and if you came to my page more often you would notice my top 5 always change. Maybe here and there I may post some of be the same songs, but still its my PAGE an I do what I want lol.

deonte' k said...

Xem VanAdams-Lumumba: And another thing PUNK!! lol... I post all kinds of different music blogs other than my top 5 songs a week. So shut it up! lol... shows how much u pay attention lol... I'm so going to slap u whenever I see you again. And while im doing it, I will personally make sure my Top 5 song is playing LMAO!!! Now go back to ur cage sir!

gonna try an come over here and diss me on my blog... you must have really LOSt ur mind now lol!

Darius T. Williams said...

LOL @ Xem for trying to get you together - lol.

I'm feeling the songs. I have Chante's CD and ain't listened to it yet...guess I ain't had the time.

Bombchell said...

[gasp] wow Ive never listened to any of those songs lol

but then again, sadly i hear most of my songs in the club or driving

Sexxy Luv said...

look at this play list!!!! i get to listen to music all day at work! i adore you!!!!!! :)

i love that song by solange!

[jei.lamar] said...

20 of my top songs? THATS A BREEZE!!! THIS is what's in heavy rotation in 'MYpod'

1. B.o.B- Mellow Fellow
2. Chromeo- Momma's Boy
3. Shwayze- Corona & Lime
4. Cool Dundee- Freaky Fendi Girls
5. Breathe Carolina-Diamonds
6. The Cool Kids- Mikey Rocks
7. Keri Hilson- Energy
8. Solange- T.O.N.Y
9. Katy Perry- Hot N Cold
10. Musiq- Radio
11. Kalico Kali- Bang Until You Pass Out
12. Chromeo- Bonafide Lovin'
13. Kid Cudi- Dat New New
14. Rihanna- Disturbia
15. Skewby- The Girl Song
16. J*Davey- Turn It Up
17. Super 3- Freak Out
18. Santagold- Creator
19. Janelle Monae- Many Moons
20. HyperCrush- The Arcade

deonte' k said...

Darius T. Williams: Chante` cd is hot boy!!!!

Bombchell: lol

Sexxy Luv: awww....muah!!!! ;)

[jei.lamar]: I so love u for this boy!!!!! ;) I didn't think anyone would do it... but, I should have known u would lol.

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