Friday, August 15, 2008

Brandy: Album News

Brandy's new album, "Human", will be released on November 11, 2008.

Here is a message from her myspace page:

"Human is my most personal album to date," said Brandy. "I have grown so much since my last album. Being able to express myself and my journey through my music is a feeling I can't describe."

I'm about to wear y'all out with Brandy blogs with the release of her new album dropping this winter. She is my # 1.

A buddy of mines said, and I quote: "WHY in the World would her New Company have her Release a NEW 'ComeBack' Album, in the same month as Beyonce` and Ciara? TERRIBLE Mistake!"

and I replied: "Beyonce` (that baddest chick in the game, who I also absolutely love) is my favorite too, but Brandy don't have to stand back for them. She been in the game long enough to hold her own!"

That how I feel!!!! Shoot let them all come out at the same time, because I will be just a hot winter filled with great music. Maybe they all can tour together. Hell who knows. But I can't wait for my girl to bring it! Check out her Myspace page here!

Right Here (Departed) - Brandy


Darius T. Williams said...

Um...I can't wait. You just got me excited about her album.

Prince Xem VanAdams-Lumumba said...

LMAO! Boy You are NOT Allowed to Quote and Post Our Text Message Conversations on HERE. HA*

...IF Only I decided to Quote aqnd Post Some of the OTHER Shit We talk about.

I KNEW that when I visited your page this morning, that THIS Brandy Hype would be the FIRST Post. I too am XCITED about her 5th Project. I will DEFINITELY be making the Purhase. NO Downloads.

I CANT STAND Monicas New Track tho.

LudaKhris said...

I have to say I agree w/ this Xem fellow. Its not a good idea for her to release her album at the same time as everyone else.

Not b/c I don't think she can't hold her own (which is debatable) but b/c her songs most likely won't get alot of play on the radio...unless thier absolutely hot like fire!

However I disagree with Xem about the monica track...I like it.

Cash S. said...

I'm looking forward to her CD.

Hopefully she worked with some other producers besides these two. The track is just aiiight on this one. She sounds good though and I like the lyrics.

AcousticSoul said...

You know my take with Ms. Norwood. I hope she puts her foot into this one because shes on her way to obscurity

Sexxy Luv said...

Brandy, Monica, & Bey!!!! if they all come out this winter that would be the best chrsitmas gift ever!!!! lol

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